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Blogging For Newbies (Posted from Pages)

We thought we'd repost this page today in case you missed it. It gives you just a hint of the information we have stored in our resources bank!

New to blogging and need a few tips? We recommend visiting here first:
Finding your way in the blogosphere (a step by step guide to blogging)
Includes the following instructions:
  • purchasing a custom domain (or .com) for your blog
  • how to leave a comment on a blog
  • how to add your photo to your Blogger profile
  • ensuring privacy on your blog
  • explanation of Blogger in Draft
  • how to change your blog's template
  • how to add your own banner/header
  • how to change fonts and colors
  • how to add someone else's button to your sidebar
  • how to add a gadget to your sidebar (including Followers)
  • how to add a Blogroll or list of blogs you read to your sidebar
  • how to link Facebook to your blog

View our sample Beginner Blogging Class!
It does not include the very recent updates to Blogger. Some of the features addressed in the video will be only slightly outdated. Overall it is an extremely useful video for the beginner blogger.

Link to the video HERE.
Password: beginnersluck

Linking directly to an email address will NOT protect it from spambots. To protect your email address from spambots, you'll need to avoid using the at and period signs (@ .) when sharing your email address anywhere on your blog. That's why you'll sometimes see people write their email addresses out like this: BLOGGUIDEBOOK {AT} gmail  {DOT}com.

NOTE: Picnik will soon go the way of the dinos...(many of Picnik's features will be available at Google+)

Custom Blog Designers
A-Z of Blogging Tools and Resources

Free Design Resources:

Stock Xchange (free stock photography)
DaFont (free fonts)
Vecteezy (free vector art)
Brusheezy (free Photoshop brushes)
Fresheezy (free website themes)
Cutest Blog on the Block (free blog designs)


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  1. Oh my gosh, this is fantastic.....have been wanting to make a blog forever and have been intimidated...all of this is info is priceless to me. Thank you!


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