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Sponsor Post By MillyBridal - Getting Ready For Prom

Ready for the Spring Proms?

I am so glad to meet spring again. The weather becomes warm in this season. The sun shines and trees and bushes blossom. And the most important thing is that we can go out to attend parties, I mean outdoor parties without bearing the coldness. There are some parties in winter, but winter parties put us in a tough situation.

I am glad to attend all parties because I can meet new friends there and show myself. However, the coldness makes me uncomfortable. I remember some fashionable looks from the 2015 Grammys. Grammy Awards are the kind of parties only famous people can attend. Celebrities show their amazing new looks while we common people show our fashion taste. Many of my friends write on their blogs about the prom dresses these superstars wore. I love their stylish dresses but I will not be happy to be there because the coldness drives me crazy. 

But now it is spring. The best season for us to hold parties. Beautiful flowers will be around. Breeze touches our face softly and makes our dresses fly. Stars smile and blink when we dance. With so many attractive things, how can we still be afraid to go out? As it is the best time to enjoy ourselves, we should make preparations first to be the party queen. 

I have searched for my dream dresses online for a long time. Luckily I found an amazing dress shop ™Millybridal. There are so many beautiful prom and evening dresses there. All of the prom dresses are stylish. I fall in love with the shop upon seeing the homepage. I have to say it again: All the prom dresses there are amazing. I cannot even choose which one to buy. Here I will list some of my favourite prom dresses from Millybridal.

Aqua - click the dress
Pink - click the dress
Red - click the dress

Don't you think they are stunning? I am pretty sure that I will be attracting attention with any one of them. I can just imagine what I will look like in them at the parties I attend.

Pretties, just go to Millybridal to find your favourite prom dresses. It's going to be difficult to choose just one to wear to my parties. All these prom dresses are so fashionable and attractive. Dance in the spring and enjoy yourselves greatly.

Instagram Username Update

Question - What's in a name?

I've been on Instagram a lot more lately. I decided to take Facebook off my phone because I felt like it was taking up a lot of my now I'm an Insta-junkie...ha ha.

Being on Instagram more and following more people has shown me the "cool" and "trendy" side of the "gram". Many grammers have really neat names that go with their blogs or whatever it is they actually do (be it make or sell something).

I got a little jealous and really wanted to change my boring Instagram name @sarahadabradford (which is my real name btw) to something for fun and follow-worthy.

I originally changed it to sarahadacreampuff, which was a nickname I had as a child, along with a few others like sarahadagarbagetruck and punkinhead. Anyway, I found that the creampuff one had me getting quite a bit of spam followers, so I changed it back. Then decided to shorten the name to sarahadab. Which is kind of unique...a dab can be a small part of something right?

So yesterday I was updating some pages on the blog and realized my Instagram widget was blank...nothing at all showing. Of course, I had to investigate and figure out the prob. It took my about five minutes to realize that I had changed my Instagram username and that must be the problem...

Answer - If you change your username you will have to reinstall your widget.

Don't forget I use SnapWidget as my widget of choice. Click here to try it yourself or go to my original post about how to install.


How To Add Instagram To Your Blog

How To Make Simple Paper Arrows For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Paper Arrows Tutorial at The Blog Guidebook

Valentine's Day is a favorite means we are half way through February and even closer to SPRING. My daughters love it and look forward to it every year. This year I am making a cute and simple craft for them to make with their friends on the 13th (yes, Friday).


Straws of any sort...plastic or paper will work
Colored paper - use Valentine colors or whatever your prefer
Wax paper or velum - we happened to have some velum bags that we cut up
Scissors and Glue (glue gun for momma)

First - use your scissors to snip a tiny cut down the edge of one side of the straw and then the other. You will need to do this on both ends but just do one end first.

How To Change The FONT Of Tabs In Blogger

If you are not able to use the Blogger Template Designer to change your colors and fonts in Tabs (due to customization of the template), then here is an semi-easy way to change the colors and fonts of your "NAVI TABS".

How to Change the Font of Page Tabs in Blogger Blogs
(by restyling the font family, size, boldness, style and color, using the CSS font properties)

  1. For this, you'll need to edit your blog's HTML - go to Dashboard | Design (previously Layout) | Edit HTML. Before editing, it's advisable to always backup your template completely, by clicking Download Full Template.

  2. Next, use the browser's search function (press Ctrl+F keys) to find this code (copy and paste into the search box): ]]></b:skin>

  3. Then, insert by copy and paste the following CSS (cascading style sheet) font properties above that:

    .PageList li a {
    font-family:"Lucida Handwriting", cursive;

    (Note: the above is just an example, you can change the values of the font properties  to your preference. You can refer to W3Schools and W3C on styling fonts and colors)

  4. Finally, click Preview to see your changes. If satisfied, hit Save Template and you're done! 
Template's screen shot showing how to insert CSS text to change the Pages tabs's font