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Don't Hire a Blog Designer


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Google Algorithm Change Reminder For Blogger

Here's a very good bloggy tip, make your blog mobile friendly NOW! It's very easy to do in Blogger, so don't forget to click that little button. Read's article and do your own research on the the Google algorithm change.
Basically, if someone is searching the web via their smartphone, they will only see lists of mobile-friendly results. Make sure you're one of them!

Free Build Your Own Planner for 2016 from Handmade Home
What could be more exciting than a FREE PLANNER? I'm not sure, but I was rubbing my hands together gleefully just thinking about a new planner...this one is awesome because you can choose which pages you want to print out. Thank you Handmade Home for creating this great free resource. (You can also still get 2015 for free!).

Do you have any free stuff you'd like to share?