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The Mom Conference: A FREE online conference running all this week!

A lot of our readers are moms, which is a rewarding, but tough job. There are so many conferences out there that I see moms attending (about crafting, blogging, and more). But there is honestly no way I am going to be able to attend any of those conferences this year with two small kiddos and a newborn! But my little mommy heart leapt for joy when I saw this FREE ONLINE conference for moms running ALL THIS WEEK. It's called The Mom Conference. I signed up right away—it was totally free. Watch the video below to get a taste of what the Mom Conference is all about. I stopped in and already watched an amazing video on how to make all-natural laundry detergent. Click the image below to sign up!

A fun announcement!

Hi! Lyndsay, here. I am Sarah's partner in crime here at the Blog Guidebook. Some of you may not know me very well for two reasons:
1. I am generally behind the scenes working on creative things for the blog like the layout/design, or crafting freebies for you to download (that type of thing).
2. I have been MIA working on a BIG project.
For the past three years I have been writing, submitting, editing, and ultimately publishing a book! (Well, I didn't personally publish it, but you get the idea.) I am very happy to announce that my debut young adult fantasy novel, Fire of the Sea, is now available in print and ebook! 
I am having a fun Virtual Launch Party on Facebook tomorrow (4/2/14), and would like invite everyone. :) There will be party favors, freebies, guest posts, chances to win a signed copy of the printed book, and more! You can join the party HERE. Hope to see you there!
To learn more about the book, visit my author blog: 
Here is all the official info on where to buy the book:
On Amazon (you can visit my author page) HERE 


Affordable Blog Advertising

Look to the left of this you see what we did? We moved our SWEET SPOT all the way up the blog! This means that more of our readers will see your ads. We want to thank all our lovely advertisers...thank you! There is still plenty of room at the party to join in with us. And because we love you all so much, we are offering our HALF OFF price (good for two times!)...just use this code: BGB50%OFF

Advertising on blogs can be confusing...

It doesn't have to be...if you have a budget for advertising and you feel confident in the blog you want to advertiser on, then drop that blogger an email and ask them about ad space. It's super easy, and most bigger blogs have a media package to let you know their traffic details.
Can I sell ad space on my blog? Yes!
Let's make it less of a struggle. For several years we placed all the ads in our sidebar manually and tracked everything via Paypal. It worked for us because we were smaller and didn't need to worry about much, so you can too...just write up an advertising plan, sizes of ads and what you would like to charge.

Tip: make it affordable. Make sure you have a good place on your blog to place reader's ads.  Offer something free or discounted (such as shout-outs on Facebook, Twitter, or the blog, so the ad placer feels confident about purchasing ad space on your blog.

You can also try Passionfruit, which will organize and accept payment for you, however, this is a paid service. We use it because it's easy and fun to track clicks!

Hopefully you will take the plunge into accepting ads in your sidebar (or swap with others), and maybe even test the waters of paying for ads yourself. Good luck!

Learn Illustrator
The lovely Jones Design Company is doing it again! You can learn Illustrator from home and do your own graphic design! What more could a blogger want? Class size is limited, so check it out ASAP.

This class is online for only $79, and you can download Illustrator for free for 30 days, or sign up for the entire Adobe package for a low monthly fee.

Just wanted to share the joy with you!