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Cornishware Teapot In My Kipper Dreams

It rained last night...a jolly pour down to make my lawn green. How lovely! It makes me long for a big pot of tea brewing (on a tray right by me so I don't have to go back into the kitchen) while I listen to the kiddos watching Kipper.

Do you know Kipper? If you don't and you have little kids, then you need to meet him.

Kipper shares my love for all things Cornishware (click on the teapot to go to their site - not an affiliate). Do you know Cornishware? It has lovely chunky stripes on white pottery and it makes tea taste amazing. You can find it in the UK, but it's hard and expensive to find here in the old USA.

My dream is next time I'm in England that I shall find a teapot or a little jug and bring it home for my very I can enjoy Kipper too. If you have Amazon Prime you can stream Kipper for free...or click on the pic of Kipper to purchase a four DVD set for under $10.

These opinions are my own and are not affiliate linked.

Have a great day!

Cornishware Tea Pot - totally adorable at The Blog Guidebook

What's Happening In August at The Blog Guidebook

Summer is flying by at a rapid pace, and it's going to be August in a what do we have to look forward to? Well, we are going to change things up a bit around here and not just blog about blogging and web stuff.

Coming Soon To The BGB (that's short for Blog Guidebook):

Product reviews - some really fun and new online sites and products

Linky Parties - these blog-based parties are not out of style yet!

Blog Conferences - a review of the latest and greatest conferences to attend

What to Wear - as moms we sometimes stay in our pjs all day long...follow along on what to wear while living in reality

Craft Projects - yep, we've actually been crafting around here

Home Decor - what are you looking for in your home decor? Trendy or classic? 

Guest Blogger - call to arms for guest bloggers. We know you'd love to post here and share your style with our readers!

Making Money Bloggy Style - a new column about making money with your blog, tips & ideas

Back to School Blogging Tech & Fun

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Sarah & Lyndsay 

Some Monkey Loves You - PicMonkey That Is!

No it is true! PicMonkey is constantly changing and growing to suit our that's a lot of awesomeness for you!

Did you know that you can access all your own FONTS while you're using PicMonkey? Not just their totally cool ones, but all the ones you have on your desktop. Read all about it on PicMonkey.

PicMonkey also has their own BLOG...with a ton of great ideas on how to improve your photos and your online presence. Why would you pay for something that you can find completely free??? Check out PicMonkey's Blog.
Well, we could go on and on, but to save you time just click over there for a sec and see what we can learn a lot from a monkey.

Have a great day!

Where Bloggers Create - A Really Big Blog Party

You still have time to jump in on this super fun blog party...just create a blog post by tomorrow about your creative/blog space...then add your post link to the linky will see some awesome places, and it's something fun to do today! Plus you can check out Keren's adorable blog at My Desert Cottage.