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Find the right blog or web designer for your needs! 

Interested in adding your blog/web design business to the Designer Gallery? 
It's only $10 per year. Contact Us to get listed!

We are constantly updating this page. If a designer is not taking new clients please let us know. Thanks!


  1. How do we get listed on this page?

  2. Okay I think I have looked at all these links and the majority of them are not doing new work! I want to update my daughter's blog. She turned 12 and is now considered a "Young Woman" in our church.I want to make it a little older but still keep my daughter's innocence (she has Down syndrome). I want to blog about her journey into the Young Women program and also continue to blog about her daily adventures. The woman that created it is harder to get a hold of and get the work done that I want (she's a new mom) Who can help me!?!

  3. Suzie,
    Really? Everyone is busy eh? Tell me more about what you're looking for and I'll try to help.
    Send me an email at


  4. A lot of these designers are either not accepting orders or are closed. The other ones are too expensive for my taste. Do you have any affordable designers to recommend?


  5. The Rainy Day Templates is out of business. Just thought you should know.

    1. Removed them. Thanks! I also just added more places recently, so please check them out.

  6. Thanks for listing Ready to Blog! We're definitely open and accepting new clients! :)

  7. I have an art blog that I just started. I would like it to look more professional. I have sent you and email and would like your assistance. Thank you. Ursula

  8. Hi. I'd like to get my design shop listed, but your email link isn't working.
    I'm at
    I'm open for business and will take all orders.. Thanks..


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