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Best Blog Tips of 2012 - A Look Back at a Great Year

Best Tips of 2012 from The Blog Guidebook

Pinterest and social media were HUGE on the bloggy radar in 2012...check out some of our most popular posts and tips from last year. Thank you so much for making 2012 an awesome year for blogging! Looking forward to 2013, we'll see what's coming!

More Advice On Social Media Icons - A very popular post that has helped many of you get those icons onto your blogs!
New Colorful Social Media Icons - free homemade icons 

It's Pinterest, Not Brain Surgery - We wrote this post in response to many readers who were nervous to try Pinterest and not sure how to get started...ever wonder what the next web-phenom will be?
Grow Your Blog on Pinterest Part 2 and Part 3

How To Create a Header/Banner for Your Blog Using PicMonkey - With the decline of Picnik and the advent of PicMonkey we had to recreate many of our tutorials...and still more to go!

How To Make Money With Your Blog - Something we're all striving for, find some great ways to make a few bucks.

13 Tips To Blog By - A great list of blogging tips to keep in mind while you're writing a post.

Resources for Blogging - A short list of great blogs to help you stay current in Blogland.

Sidebar Tweaks for Blogger Blogs - Easy ways to get things done in the sidebar.

OlioBoard - The Moodboard Creator - A post explaining how to use OlioBoard.

Please Don't Pin Me - How to limit readers from pinning your images.

Decorate Your Keyboard With Washi Tape

Plus we are super excited about our new bloggy makeover we got last year! We may be making a few changes this year, but we all know blogs are not static, right? Have an awesome new year!

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