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13 Tips To Blog By and Our eBook FREE

Blogging should be fun right? Sometimes, in the midst of summer and our super busy lifestyles, we forget why we even started blogging! Below are a few great tips to help you blog better right now! We've got dozens more tips for you here at The Blog can find them in our Search box in the sidebar.  Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of this post to get the link to our eBook which covers many of these points in detail (we wrote it last year) and download it for FREE. Woot!
  1. Write about what you know - personal knowledge of a subject is easy to convey when you're writing a blog post.
  2. Write about something you want to know about - your enthusiasm to learn new information can inspire others.
  3. Be controversial (or not) - we've mentioned this before, and it can really work in your favor. If you are passionate about an ideal, a goal, etc. then pass that on to your readers. You will undoubtedly generate some comments!
  4. Be kind - we believe kindness is one of the greatest assets a blogger has...treat your readers as yourself. Don't jump to conclusions about a comment you read...don't respond without counting to 10 and really think about what you say. Or don't respond at all.
  5. Do your research. There's a lot going on in the blog world... make sure your sources, background information and links are all correct before you hit Publish Post.
  6. Picture Perfect - Use beautiful images on your blog...learn how to tweak them to make them look even better! Then, when you upload an image to a post, make sure to name it something similar to your post. For example, if we posted a picture with this post we could name it "10 Writing Tips.jpg". This will aid in a search engine finding you. And don't forget that your pretty pictures can be pinned to Pinterest too!
  7. What's in a name? The TITLE of your blog post is almost more important than the body of your post. The title is how a search engine scans for that topic. The title is also the live link to your post.
  8. Be Consistent. Writing and posting daily can really help you get noticed. You will find yourself floating to the top and not getting bogged down behind all the other info on the web.
  9. Find Yourself. Sometimes new bloggers aren't sure who they are yet...once you get going you can really hear your voice while you write...if you're comfortable writing the way you speak, do it. If you're from the South and say "ya'll" then you can use that in your writing style. As your blog grows, read back over older posts to help you discover who you really want to be on your blog. Put your best face forward, but stay real too!
  10. Respond. Read comments and write back. If a reader makes a suggestion then let them know you appreciate it. Be real. Let your readers know who you really are by being a real person, not a computer.
  11. Stay Current. Use social media to your advantage. Stay educated in the latest technological advances (for blogging and web industry).
  12. Add LINKS. Links are super important to your blog's status. You want "internal" (links within your blog) and "external" (linking to other sites and pages outside of your blog. Remember, links are what show up in searches.
  13. Be available. Add contact information and fun things about yourself to help your readers put a face to the blog! Think about attending blogger meet-ups or conferences where you can meet and network with other bloggers! It's a lot of fun!
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    1. I clicked on the link, and it takes me to a screen that says my cart is empty. I'd really like to download it ;)

    2. Hi Lisa! Here is the direct link:

      It is working for me...let me know if this helps.

    3. Lisa, another option is I can send you an email with a link that should work, directly from ejunkie.

    4. Ok... I might not be with it.. but when I click on the download button, it just asks me to continue shopping?

    5. eJunkie is being weird to me...please email me at sarah at blogguidebook dot com and I'll add your email that will send you a direct FREE link. Sorry for the confusion.

    6. I added an Add To Cart button...see if that works for anyone.

    7. Great tips... so clear and simple.

    8. Sarah,
      Wasn't able to download the eBook from here. :(
      So I sent you an email. Thank you! :)

    9. Thanks for the tips...especially the "picture perfect" tip. I had been wondering about how to best name the photos.

      Thank you!

    10. You read my mind seems like! I am very new to blogging and trying to figure out "who I am" - Am I decorating, or crafting or cooking, lol! These are great tips, they really are helpful :-) My blog is - hopefully I'll get it figured out soon!


    11. Handy dandy tips! Thanks bunches.

    12. thanks for sharing these tips!

    13. Thank you so much for these tips! I can't wait to read all of them, and hope that it will get my creative juices going! I really appreciate your hard work and commitment to helping other women achieve our goals!


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