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The Complete Etsy Kit From Handmade Success

Our longtime friend Jordan (an internet marketing consultant) of Handmade Success is offering our readers a lovely discount on the latest version of her The Complete Etsy Kit! This awesome ebook will help you build your own creative business, with lots of amazing tips on how to use Etsy as your selling platform. Get the whole scoop HERE. You can even sign up on Jordan's blog for email tips to get ready for creative business success! We have to say there are quite a few great tips to improve your blog it's a good deal for everyone! Plus, it's a great read in this boiling summer heat!

To receive a 25% discount please use BG25 at check out through the end of July 2012.

Inside this kit you will get instant access to:
• More than 58 ways to market your shop for free
• Jordan's strategy for staying at the top of Etsy’s search engine
• The ridiculously easy way to get free traffic to your shop
• How to assemble a press kit for free (anyone can do it!)
• How to write attention grabbing headlines
• 51 Ways to drive traffic to your blog
• How to market your shop in only 30 minutes per day
• 100 of the top marketing words to use in your listings
• The right way to price your work
• The mistake most sellers make with their tags
• What a “swipe file” is and why you need one
• The first thing every Etsy seller needs to do before selling

The Complete Etsy Success Kit: Complete Library includes:
♥ The Etsy Seller’s Success Kit {{newly updated and improved}}
♥ The Etsy Seller’s Business Planner {{brand new!}}
♥ The Etsy Seller’s Publicity Kit
♥ The Jewelry Designer’s Publicity Kit
♥ The Etsy Seller’s Internet Marketing Kit {{brand new!}}
♥ The Etsy Seller’s Twitter Kit
♥ The Etsy Seller’s 30 Minute Social Networking Kit

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  1. gosh, I love this blog, I always read every post, even though my own blog has nothing related to this but it's always nice posts!


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