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Guest Post: 5 iPhone apps i always have open

INSTAGRAM (free) >>> One of the top ways to share photos. I didn't understand all the fuss and hype around it until I tried it and now I use it everyday! To me, it feels like a level photography playground for professional and amateur photographers alike. If you're on it already, come say hi! Find me with @juliannamorlet


VSCO CAM ($.99) >>> This is a new app a friend insisted that I buy. I rarely pay money for apps, but this one was so worth it. (You were right Emily Tingley.) I use it all. the. time. I started using it first and then uploading the pic into Instagram, so I get two filter options. Their website is fun to browse through as well. 

STARBUCKS (free) >>> This app changed my marriage. Let me explain. Ty and I use to fight over who got the gold card that day, because whoever got the gold card got coffee. So now, with the app, it's like we have two gold cards! Same account. You can reload it with Paypal and it keeps track of your gold star rewards. You can even send gift cards to another mobile user! (Hint, hint ;

HOTEL TONIGHT (free) >>> Since we don't have any kidlets yet, Ty and I like to go away spontaneously. We'll wake up one morning and think, hey, we should go to San Diego today! Hotel Tonight lets us do that for cheaper! Each day hotels with unbooked rooms for the night, send their compromised prices to this app and you get a big discount for being a procrastinator. The Catch: You can't book until Noon. Wanna try it? If you sign up with this link and enter jhallworth1 as the invite code and you'll get $25 towards your first booking. 

SCOUT MOB (free) >>> When referring to this app I always call it my "mustache discount app." That's so not what it's called, but I'm pretty sure I'd make the creators of this one proud. When you download it, you'll see. And lately, all the deals have been 50% off! The Catch: You have to be at the location to use it. It registers with your map. We found our favorite LA BBQ place, Cross Roads BBQ, through here!

So there ya have it. These apps are almost always open on my phone. If you try them, make sure to let me know how you like them!

~ Julianna Morlet


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