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Spotlight with 'Round the Coop


I happened upon a cheery blog the other day. And to my amazement, it's fairly new! I had to really commend this blogger for having her whole blog totally put together, with a free background, no less. It's a great example of how you can turn your blog into the complete package for free. 

Here's a little more about the girl behind the scenes:
 Hi, I'm Coop! Debbie Cooper that is. I'm a Mom, an interior designer, amateur photographer, and an all around creativity junkie. I'm always on the lookout for inspiring architecture or design items. The coolest stuff I've seen lately? Anything vintage or retro. My mission is to share pictures and stories about the things I find, the places I find them, and the adventures I find myself in along the way! 

I don't know about you, but I've got some friends who looooove junk. The kind of junk you find at a flea market, antique stores, estate sales (generally places that make me feel claustrophobic). And then they take it and turn it in to "junque." :) They totally transform their finds into amazing repurposed one-of-a-kind items. 'Round the Coop is right on trend when it comes to finding these treasures. I am happy to peruse her found items from the comfort of my living room. She has unique finds, with great ideas. And if you love this type of thing, you're going to love 'Round the Coop:

Oh my gosh. I don't know if I could brave this. Good thing Debbie is around to do it for us:

Loving these doors. I want to see them as a dressing screen!

Typography in trays!!! Yes please.

Click on over and see what you can find:

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  1. I'm totally with you when it comes to going in search of the junk. I start to hyperventilate even LOOKING at the stores that have that stuff. However I do love when things come out as "junque". Great post.


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