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Ready to make some cash on your blog?

While most of us bloggers are just hobbyists, there are a few out there that blog for a profession. The profession is growing quite a bit. Most of us have probably seen bloggers who have worked out relationships with companies offering giveaways and doing product reviews.

However, one of the ways to make money on your blog that is not mentioned much is through advertising. For those of us on the blogger platform, Adsense is integrated and fairly easy to use. It's also quite easy to use the Amazon Associates program.

You can also publish advertising on your blog that you select. Last month, on Blog Tips by Liz, I wrote a post about one of the companies that you can use to publish ads:

There are several out there, but I think that Linkshare is a great place to start.  (Visit the link above for more details on that program.) They have been in the biz for awhile and there are some really big names. For example, if you are approved to publish advertising for Apple iTunes you can create links within your posts to your favorite music and if your readers download the music, you make money.

Here is an example of a post on my blog where I made money selling iTunes music:

I was really just sharing my appreciation for that Oprah episode, but included the links for the convenience of my readers.

While it was only a few dollars generated through the program, those pennies can add up.

Feel free to check out my blogs (Womanly Woman and Blog Tips by Liz) for more information or examples and contact me if you have any other questions.

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  1. Oh, thanks! Great post. I have a question about you seek them out or did they contact you? And how do bloggers determine how much to charge a sponsor? Are you obligated to mention them in blog posts?

  2. Thanks for the great tip and links! This is awesome

  3. THANK YOU! What a great post. I am new to blogging(at least advertising).

  4. little wakka - I will give you an example to answer one of your questions. Target is one of my sponsors. I have never contacted Target directly. I was able to put Target ads on my site by applying to their affiliate program. Many companies, such as Target, use multiple different sites for their affiliate advertising programs. The one that I found Target through was the Google Affiliate Network. (Google Affiliate Network works in a very similiar way to Linkshare. I have been using Linkshare for a very long time and I promote it first and foremost just because I think it has a simple layout and they also provide you with tools to learn more about how it works right away. In addition, Linkshare is one of my sponsors so if you create an account, the pay me!)

    There are also a lot of bloggers that kind of do sponsorships of each others blogs, etc. They negotiate those types of things on their own. Some bloggers will charge a monthly rate for advertising via a 125x125 button on their side bar.

    Blogger makes basic advertising really easy through the Adsense widget so that is the best place to start with publishing advertising on your blog if you haven't done that already.

    Also, the obligation part is answered in this blog post:

    In my opinion, as long as you disclose your intentions it is really your choice as to how you go about publishing a sponsors online ads. Most of the advertisers have a contract that you should review as well when you decide to publish their ads. Sometimes those contracts may request specific things. For the most part they are pretty standard though.

  5. Amber and Moms - No problem! I am enjoying sharing tips with everyone. I am kind of new to blogging myself and began to realize that my previous knowledge of HTML and the online world in general was benefiting me while blogging. I still have a lot to learn in a lot of areas as well!

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