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Spotlight with Organized Design

I got so giddy when I first clicked on Organized Design! It is just my style. Fresh, modern, creative and new. And how cute is this banner, with it's perfectly aligned file drawers?! Makes the grad school student in me beam:

Organized Design
This blog has a LOT going for it, when other design blogs tend to fall short for me. She's got the best sense of color and style. Here's a little more about Jen, who could just be my new best bud if she lived in my neighborhood:

"I'm a wife, mother, and designer living in Utah. My degree is in interior design, but I also have a passion for organizing. Creating a functional finished space is always my focus."

Form and function. Blissful sigh.

Here are some of my very favorite posts or features (click on the photos to link to the posts):

DIY Bed (Redo of her daughter's room)

Her colorful mood boards:

This recent post on Highs and Lows:
($5000)                                                               ($1000)

I'm IN LOVE with this Modern Genealogy post:

Her trĂ©s chic DIY makeovers 
(Just like the bedroom for her daughter, her makeovers are really top notch, 
and she offers lots of solutions to dress up Ikea furniture.):

I think what really sets design blogs apart is the ability to edit, compile, and create. A design blog is essentially a compilation of inspiration found on other blogs, and often personal DIYs and makeovers. So the author has to do a great job at both. And Jen is definitely doing both with style! So click on over and see for yourself!


  1. well- THANK YOU for sharing lady is the blog!

  2. That's nice and attractive. I haven't listened about her, but I like her work, as shown in these pictures. Quite artistic, professional and detailed work. I like the bedroom much. Great sharing

  3. Thanks so much for the great feature, I love it!

  4. That is an awesome piece of interior and home arrangement. I always love to accept newer ideas for my home sweet home, and I must say, that I have found a newer idea from the last picture of the post. Great sharing dear


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