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Favorite Blog of 2010 Guidelines


There are so many amazing blogs in Blog Land...we hope to give a few some of the recognition they deserve by choosing a TOP BLOG of 2010!
It will definitely be hard to choose only one blog as a winner...but we're going to try...with YOUR help! We are taking nominations for your favorite blog of 2010 (TOP BLOG 2010). Nominations will continue through November 16th. Voting and Eliminations start soon. The winner(s) will be announced on or around December 31st!

TOP BLOG 2010 Guidelines:
  • Nominate yourself or a blog that you love by emailing the URL to us with a brief description of why this blog should win and entering in the Linky below this post.
  • Why choose a blog? Is it a beautiful blog, timely, well written, great photos, you love to read it everyday, inspiring, crafty, funny, smart, witty, well-designed, has awesome posts about things that readers want to read, and they have more than one follower? The blog might be heart-rending, tell a great story, romantic, etc. Let's try not to pick the blogs with fifty million bijillion readers too (unless they're amazing!)
  • We will choose up to 25 blogs from all entries to be in our elimination round. (This will be based on appearance, content, and the nomination material.)
  • The top blogs will be notified and sent a button to place in a post and on their sidebar. The blogs will need to beg and plead for votes from its readership. We will place a poll on The Blog Guidebook for the voting to take place in each round.
  • We will have weekly rounds. Voting will happen keep your readers busy voting! If a blog doesn't get enough votes to stay in the round then it will be eliminated. This will go on until we have a TOP FIVE. Then we will be featuring each of the TOP FIVE and have another round of voting. These top blogs can offer giveaways to gain voters, or however they would like to gain a votership. (Just be nice!)
  • From the TOP FIVE, depending on how big the voting gap is, we will then go to a TOP TWO. We will do another feature on these TWO blogs...and give everyone a final chance to vote on their TOP BLOG OF 2010.
Addendum: We've decided to take the TOP FIVE and run a story on each one during the voting week. Then there will be a final voting period beginning December 23-31. A voting schedule will be posted.


We need prizes! Feel like donating prizes to the TOP FIVE? Want to Sponsor a fun event here at the Blog Guidebook? We need you! Send us an email and let us know you'd like to be part of this blog is an island right? Those donating prizes will receive a special mention on our Prize page.

The winner will receive a big splash page on The Blog Guidebook on or around January 2nd, 2011.
We will have a lovely prize for our winner (we'll let you know what it is soon). We'll work out the wrinkles as we go!

Enter your blog nomination by emailing us with a reason for nominating(this confirms the entry), and enter below in the Linky list so others can check out the nominations:

HAVE YOU BEEN NOMINATED? Grab a button for your blog (copy and paste the code into the HTML/JavaScript gadget in your sidebar):


  1. Thank you to whomever nominated The Blog Guidebook! Very sweet!

    Sarah & Lyndsay

  2. Fist pumps and leg kicks to whomever nominated Today's Letters. We think our readers are the shiz.
    Em & Tim

  3. Pink lipsticky kisses and Cosmo cheers to whomever nominated "Do these shoes match this purse?"! Many thanks!

  4. Awesome blogs linked up... I think I have some new blogs to read!!!

  5. i nominated myself and emailed you ... do i put up the button on my sidebar or will i get an email verification first? ... :( i don't know without your help!

  6. whoa, I am sure one of my family members nominated me. Which is funny because I have JUST entered blog world not even 2 months ago. HAHA! But how fun!!! I'll take it!

  7. Wow what a blog!! I'm so happy I found you guys!! I needed some blogging help! I'll be looking around! Thanks for the future stuff!

    Melanie's Randomness


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