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Day One - Taking An About Me Selfie

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I know it's the day after and you probably partied until at least 10:30pm...I know I did...but don't you think your blog needs a little face lift? Luckily you don't need to spend anything on this face can use your phone's camera or your new DSLR camera you got for Christmas. (If you did get a new camera, check out the link in my sidebar that will take you to some awesome classes that are super affordable and you'll be taking amazing pics in no time!)

Oh, and I want to remind you about one more thing, in case I forget. Do you have a "copyright" notice on your blog? Don't forget to update the's 2016!!!!

Okay, so here's how to take a pretty picture...


Think amazing thoughts.

Find your "good side". Yes, we all have one...or two.

Wear something that goes well with your blog design...I prefer aqua and pretty colors like hot pinks and yellows.

Maybe put on a bit of makeup but don't think about it too much. Makeup can make you look older, or more tired etc...

Lighting is super important. Famous actresses always requested a certain kind of lighting to make them look wonderful on should too...   I prefer a filtered sunlight...not so all my pores show, but a light that gives me a healthy glow. You can also add a bit of a glow in a photo editing software or on IG.

Use a different angle. Did you know you can use a different photo every day on your blog? Or just change it with the seasons. Don't take a full face shot...maybe just your eyes and nose....half of your face, or maybe looking over your shoulder at the camera...create visual interest.

Remember you don't have to have a photo of YOU on your blog...but something representational would be perfect. This morning because the sun is shining in I have decided to do a little desk montage for the month of January...and I will change it at some point before February. Here are a few of my shots (I used my iPhone and my Samsung tablet to take these, and they are not edited - that's tomorrow!):

Here's what I plan on doing the rest of the day: I want to add myself to my I'm going to try different facial expressions looking in different directions, as if I'm looking at the actual text. I have no idea if it will work...but I've wanted to try it for a long time now.

Tomorrow we are going to use a photo editing program to play around with our photos we took today. So when you are done shooting yourself, (not like that!), make sure and upload your pics to the computer so they are ready for tomorrow.

See ya then!

P.S. If you want to read my ebook from a few years's the link to the
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