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Day Five - Discovering That It's All About the Font

Do you have a favorite font? Are you a font junkie? Have you just discovered the luscious world of fonts and want to know how to get some of your own? As a graphic designer it is easy to create a collection of lovely fonts that can create movement, branding, and imagery...but when you're just starting out, well, the font world can be overwhelming.

Let's dip a few toes in to the pool of letters and type...FONTS!

A font can make your brand recognizable. It can make it bold, happy, friendly, and memorable.
Think about the Star Wars font...if you change it does it look as good? Do you think you would remember it? It really is a font can download it for free.  

Fonts are so interesting...and so are the people that create them. If you want to know more about the history of fonts, you might want to read I Love Typography.

Okay, now you are a font buff, grab a pencil and jot down some ideas on how you can use fonts to customize your blog, your blog name, or just play with fonts.

Here are a few of the BEST FREE (or almost free) font sites:
Check out Font Squirrel's free user guide on how to use free fonts.

Creating your own font: Turn your handwriting into a font 
or check out this article on Buzzfeed

And speaking of Star Wars I thought this little poster was super cute, created by illustrator Vincent Rondia!

If you love fonts you will also love ELEMENTS...check out our short series:

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