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Taking Time To Notice The Little Things

Do you ever turn your head at just the right moment and catch a glimpse of something you might have missed had you been a split second or two later?

I turned my head the other night while I was busily washing dishes before bed, and I saw a stag outside the window. It startled me because I live in a city (a small one). It was looking at me, I'm sure. So I as I wiped my wet hands I moved slowly toward the window to get a closer look, and he just stood there and then two more deer materialized out of the darkness and they all started heading toward the was a wonderful minute or two. How often at 10 o'clock at night does someone on my street, in my city, get to see lovely deer up close? I felt pretty special.

Does your world consist of hurrying hither and thither with no time to gaze upon wild deer, or the sunsets and rolie polies on the patio?

Sometimes it feels like the people around me are so busy accomplishing their to do lists and writing in their planners that they are forgetting an important part of being human...the ability to CHOOSE to stop and listen to stop the merry-go-round and get off and walk slowly through the fields...

Am I the only one who wonders at the little wrens and squirrels that chatter noisily in the trees around my house, am I the only one who mourns my children growing up so fast, am I the only one that sees the deer tracks in the snow?

And when I ask myself about all these tiny little things that go unnoticed, I then ask myself am I strange for noticing? Am I not doing enough to fulfill my life and my kid's lives? Should I have more things on my calendar? Now I'm just not sure...

Slowing down in the winter is part of the cycle of life isn't it? It's when we have time to reflect on all the joys and sorrows, hibernation sets in, a few pounds are gained from lack of exercise. But it can be a time to regroup and figure out what is really important and what should be noticed closely, so I think that's how I'm going to look at it today.

Just now I peeked at the squirrels jumping from tree to tree and skittering across the snow...they are so light weight they don't even leave foot prints. And I love the fog because it hides the bleakness of the leafless trees, and makes the world mysterious...

Maybe what I'm trying to say, is take a moment (or two or three) to look around at unexpected moments, turn your eyes when least expected...

...tell me what you see.


  1. What a neat experience and lovely post to remind us to just stop and be and enjoy the beauty of the moment. Thanks!

  2. Love your telling of your special experience! We have a bird feeder and the little juncos and sparrows, finches, love to dine there, but the other day two pheasants and a white dove were there! What a surprise! Happy New Year!


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