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It's Like a Spa Day For Your Blog!

We could all use a nice facial or a mani/pedi every once in a while right? Sometimes we get so used to seeing our blogs that we forget that it might need a little tidy up now and what's a blog to do?

1. Check your comments...that's never know when some nasty spammers have left annoying fake comments on your posts. Just go to the Comment section of your blog and delete the ones that aren't real. It's usually easy to tell because it is in broken English or contains links.

It's rather empowering.

2. Remove old links. This might sound weird at first, but it's true. Sometimes you write an awesome post with great links, but once it gets past its shelf life, the links could have changed or died. Check links now and then to make sure everything is current. Check your most popular posts' links the most. Then readers won't get that annoying "page not found" page.

3. Rearrange your ads. If you have ads in your sidebar it's always refreshing to move things around a little and dust everything's easy. You can drag and drop your ads if you are using Firefox. Otherwise, copy and paste to move the code around. Don't forget to save when you're done moving the furniture.

4. Go shopping. New bling for your blog is like a breath of fresh air in the room. Sometimes you just KNOW it's time for a new banner! Sometimes you just know that the font you've loved for 365 days is getting boring. Shop around other blogs to see what's new and a little trendy...

5. Color vs. White: yes, we all love the clean and crisp aspect of white, but adding a splash of color can really rejuvenate a tired blog, and it gives you, the writer, something beautiful to look at, and who can say no to that?

6. Relax right? Blogging should be fun and not a stressful thing you HAVE to do. I noticed a lot of bloggers literally "freaking" out around Christmas time because they had over-extended themselves. Remember to keep it real and blog from the heart, a happy blogger equals happy readers!


  1. Love these tips! Thanks for sharing with us!


  2. These are some great tips! I haven't been able to blog much since beginning a full-time teaching position. I'm hoping to have some time this weekend for a blog spa day before school starts again!

  3. This is exactly what I needed to read today! Thanks so much! I'm thinking of combining my blog spa day with a real spa day. ;) Happy New Year!

  4. This is great, some good ideas that I would never have thought of doing! Thank you for posting!

    Katie x

  5. not only just changed up my blog look (again!) but am now redecorating the entire farmhouse to reflect my new spirited outlook!
    great post :)
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  6. Good tips
    I try to change some things up but maybe I should do a little more touch ups.

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