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Photo App Options For Your Phone

Allow me to introduce you to PicTapGo. PicTapGo is a brand new photo editing app that allows users to quickly add up to 55 layer-able filters to their photos that aren’t already available on Instagram.

With so many fun filters to choose from with names like skinny jeans, sugar rush, flirt, pool party, and vanilla kiss, you're sure to find the perfect filter to add the desired ambiance to your photo, (that you aren’t able to create in Instagram). What is really unique about PicTapGo filters is that they can each be layered on top of one another, creating “recipes” to save for future use. This app was made by the photographers who started Totally Rad! Inc. back in 2007, which is a series of desktop photo editing plug-ins for Photoshop and Lightroom. They have essentially re-purposed their desktop programs into an iPhone app. 
I was lucky enough to be allowed to review the app and I found it easy to use and keep using throughout the past week. It's fun to use hand in hand with it's easy to post there too. There are a lot of combinations and it's really fun to see how you can change the look of a photo so dramatically. I really love the slidebar across the bottom that allows you to fade in and out of a layer too.

If you don't want to wait to's only$1.99

Do you want to win this app? Tell me your favorite filter combo from the photos below...just enter it in a comment and I'll randomly choose a winner next week! Make sure I can reach you by email!

Photo Number 1

PicTapGo Recipe - Auto Color + 48% Equalize + Sweet Tooth = Sweet Light

Photo Number 2

PicTapGo Recipe - Awake + Auto Color + Sugar Rush + Vanilla Kiss = Sweet As Pie

Photo Number 3

PicTapGo Recipe - Equalize + Lights On + Crossroads = Farmy

Watch the video here:

If you've used this app or any other amazing ones, please let me know so I can try them too. Some other great photo apps I want to try include:

Afterlight 99 cents
VSCO Cam free
Pixlr Express PLUS free
Pro HDR $1.99
Snapseed free

Disclaimer: This was not a paid post...thoughts on this app are my own, I only review products I truly love!


  1. I love the 3rd picture, the sky looks awesome!!

  2. Hi, I love the first comination

  3. The third one is really good compared to the other two...

    Blend College

  4. The Sweet As Pie combo is the cutest!


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