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Learn To Use Your DSLR Camera With Shoot Fly Shoot - A Review of Photography 101

We all know that blogging has a very visual side to it, even if the writing is top notch, our eyes are always looking for something incredible to rest upon. That means some great photo images are necessary to grab your reader. Of course, with the technology available to us today, we can make even our smartphone images look crisp and clear. So why bother learning how to shoot great photos with an expensive DSLR camera?

For one thing, there really is a difference once you try it. You look through that lens and the power starts coursing through your veins. It's a feeling you don't get with an iPhone.
I decided to purchase a Canon Rebel T3i with two little Fujifilm camera that I LOVED finally gave up the there I was with this big ole camera and I was, well, pretty lost. I knew I needed more help than I was getting...which means, Googling how to do things, reading the teeny manual or browsing through the Pioneer Woman's awesome posts about her photography skills (all of her tips are great, btw).

Guess what I did? I looked in my own dang sidebar...yes, over there to the left, and saw that I had an ad on there for Shoot Fly Shoot. Shoot Fly Shoot is the baby of Kevin Palmer (of fame) and Josh Moates. Well, I watched the intro video and was hooked!

I totally LOVED the Southern drawl...the "real"ness of the guys talking to me and explaining how to use my new camera and what kind of effects I can get out of my lenses. This is a very visual and hands-on set of videos, Photography 101 has twelve videos covering ISO, Aperature, Shutterspeed, Lighting, Exposure, Lenses and more! The video lengths range from 9+ minutes to 23+ minutes each. There's a great one called Products that I really liked, that explains how to take photos of still objects to post on your blog or Etsy etc.

Every single one of the videos is full of detailed information that covers the basics of how to use your camera. I had never used a DSLR camera before, so this was perfect for me! I highly suggest Photography 101 to get you started and comfortable with your camera!

Here are some shots I took recently...they are in order of progression. The first one is pretty much only watching one video...I got the fuzzy background I wanted, but it's rather dark. The next one of my daughter has morning sun behind her.

I am now on to Photography 102 and I will be reviewing this next video series when I am finished viewing all the videos. I'd love to hear your comments on my photography and if you have tried Shoot Fly Shoot yourself!

Disclaimer: I really love this photography class, and I only review products I really try myself. However some of the links may contain affiliate id codes. Feel free to follow my links or type in the URL yourself. Thanks a bunch!


  1. thanks for the tip- I really liked them and will try to take the classes one day

  2. I'm on my way to look. By the the photos....especially the paint!

  3. My hubby gave me a gift coupon for a photography class that I need to cash in! I have been going back and forth on who to take! I think you have helped me with my decision! Shoot Fly Shoot was on my list and I will take their courses this Fall!


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