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Social Media Awareness - Google+

Google+ is an enigma to most of us...we wonder why we should use it when everything is going fine everywhere else right? Yes, you're using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest - so why rock the boat with another social media platform?

Well, as you may know Google+ belongs to a leader in our industry, GOOGLE. Google also owns Blogger and YouTube. So it's a good idea to utilize what Google+ offers! If you're using Blogger then you're half way to G+ already!

Google really does love itself, so if you're using G+ you can easily find yourself in search results where you may not have if you just posted on your blog. Plus, YouTube videos continue to dominate search results (don't have any videos? you may want to create some!).

 "The point is that if you have a vehicle to leverage the outer lying keyword targeting that you may not be able to accomplish with your own site, doesn’t it make sense to spread them somewhere else on another site that could get ranked?" - AG Beat

Google+ can:

Help you increase your authorship and page rank (search engines will index this content)

Help you create a community "group"

Create a Hangout which integrates with YouTube (create real time video and share with your group) - I've watched some awesome blogging videos via Hangouts!

Create an Event to which you invite people (in person or virtual)

I suggest giving Google+ a shot, it definitely won't hurt you. You can add a cute profile picture and information about your blog. Try it out for a month and monitor your traffic just may increase!

G+ is a place with lots of space to spread's not overloaded like Facebook. Information you find there will be good stuff...not FB Fluff. Honestly, Facebook is boring me to death and the twentysomethings are dropping it like flies. (Have you heard of SnapChat?)


  1. I love Google+! I have made more connections there than anywhere else on the web and in a very small time. I really think it is an important part of social media and is only going to continue to grow.

  2. I have G+ and do make connections there, I just still don't really understand how it works!

  3. love google and what it does for my blog on search engine.

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  5. Social Media Day is an annual global event on June 30 that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.


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