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What's Wrong With Blogging?

When I started blogging I felt like I was addicted. I wanted to blog day and night, night and day, and even when I was in the bathtub (please don't do that). Eventually those feelings wore off as I got tired, and I learned to try to balance the blogging episodes...but it took time and effort to figure out how to blog without harming my body, my kids, and my life in general.

Some things that go can go wrong when you blog:
  • Back pain and shoulder pain
  • Headaches, eye stress
  • Carpal tunnel symptoms
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Gaining weight
  • Drinking too much coffee or tea
  • Eating too many snacks
  • Ignoring telephone calls
  • Losing focus on daily life
  • Losing track of time - running late
  • Not making dinner
  • Becoming forgetful of chores or letting them pile up
  • Too much screen time
  • Not enough family and child time
  • Stressing about everything
We have all had moments of stress, or we got into a project and didn't want to stop to make dinner...and that's okay. But have any of the above moments happened more than once or twice? Have you forgotten to pick up little Jimmy for soccer practice or had to call your husband to bring home a deli chicken because there's no food in the house? Well, I've been there, and I don't want to go there anymore.

When we ignore our lives and opt to focus more on the screen we are losing out big time, and so are our families.

We're also missing great opportunities to embrace our lives and gain new ideas that could give us some great things to blog about in the future!

Here are a few strategies to employ if you find yourself on the bloggy addict fringe:
  1. Set a time limit on your screen time. Just like you would for your kids. Choose a time of day when no one needs you...early in the morning, late at night etc.
  2. Get adequate exercise...if you're sitting at your desk for hours, try to get a walk in to clear the cobwebs.
  3. Make lists - write out what you want to blog about and use your scheduled time to research your interests and write.
  4. Stretch and move - if you sit hunched over the laptop you will start to feel some aches...every 1/2 hour you need to get up and move, stretch your arms over your head, get the blood flowing. 
  5. Find a bloggy spot - make sure you have a comfortable space to work on your blog, in a chair with your feet up, have somewhere to rest your elbows, put a pillow behind your back.
  6. Schedule time on the internet AFTER you've made time to be with your kids and family. Family should always come first...your blog will still be there when the kids have gone off to college.
  7.  Use the internet wisely. There are tons and tons of free resources for bloggers and moms. Find printable menu planners, blog planners, writing prompts, charts and kids activities. You might find having a list will save you time, energy and stress.
  8. If you're online, make sure your kiddos have something fun to do too. Print out free coloring sheets, puzzles, word games, crafts, make up fun activity bags for toddlers...this will engage your child and they can even be in the same room as you!
  9. Research shows that watching tv or bright computer screens can inhibit your natural sleep cycles. Turn off the screens at least 15 minutes before you want to go to sleep...breathe deeply.
  10. Remember, blogging isn't everything. If you're blogging as a business, yes, it's important. But you are important too. You are not your blog. Focus on yourself first, and your blog will follow you.
Balance is a challenge in the world we live in...don't let your blog tip you over the edge. What do you do to stay balanced?

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  1. Perfect! This is great, thank you! We are all smart enough to know these things, but we never remind ourselves of it! So thank you for the reminder!

    1. So true Tannis. I think this was on my mind and I wrote it to remind myself too! Thanks for your comment! Hugs!

  2. All good tips!! I usually stand at my computer when I blog (I hate sitting still!) but what I really want is one of those treadmill desks!

    Science for Kids Blog

  3. OMG! What? You have been observing me? :D i have been through this so many times... except ordering take away, that is. i make do with frozen meals... loved your post.

  4. I like #1, I have to set a time limit for my onscreen time or I can find myself on here all day. Not just on my own blog but reading and commenting on others. Good post.

  5. Are you kidding me? All this time I thought my forgetfulness was my age, and now I learn it's my 28+ hours daily of blogging! I may need professional help to break the addition, I'm just saying! ;)

  6. Haha! I love this...this is me! I just started a blog and I LOVE it, but boy it can be all consuming. Thank you for reminding me that it is ok and necessary to take a break!

  7. This is great! A blog is time consuming and only we bloggers know that.

  8. Blogging is a blast but yes i know I spend too much time on it. I finally have it working better but I still don't understand why my blog stopped showing up about 3 weeks ago on other bloggers post/list/following. I guess it is just a glitch and will be fixed soon.


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