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How To Clean Your Screen and More Laptop Safety Tips

Clean Your Laptop Screen

One thing I've never done is to actually read the Care and Safety Instructions that came with my laptop...have you? I realized that I have been committing some faux pas in that department! And I have never, I repeat, NEVER cleaned my laptop screen because I don't have the correct cloths etc. Things are looking much clearer now that I've done some research. Here's what I found out:

Safety First

Do not place your laptop on a pillow or other soft material when it's powered on - this may block the airflow vents and cause overheating. This can lead to damage to your computer, and even a fire.

Do not turn on your computer unless all of its internal and external parts are in place. 
Operating the computer when it's open or missing parts can be dangerous and can damage your computer. 

For prolonged use, place your laptop on a flat, stable surface. Do not place your laptop on your lap or other body surface for extended periods of time as prolonged body contact can  potentially cause a burn.  

Many laptops are designed to disperse the heat from the bottom of the case by transferring the heat toward the cooler space. You don't want your laptop to overheat. If you hear the fan come on too often you know you need to move to a cooler location. There are different lap desks designed to use with your laptop...keeping the machine above your lap allowing airflow beneath the computer.

Always unplug your laptop before opening the battery, adding memory, or for cleaning purposes.

Only use the power adapter that came with your laptop. Order a new one from the manufacturer if you lose your adapter.

Keep your laptop (and all electric devices) away from liquids, drinks, sinks, tubs, showers, rain, snow and fog. This includes coffee!

Battery Warning: There is a risk of explosion if you replace the battery with an incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries according to your local environmental guidelines. Do not puncture, drop, or incinerate the battery. 

Your Screen as Clean as a Whistle!

Cleaning the case and screen seem pretty simple, but many of us don't want to touch the screen in case we mess it up right?

First thing to do is completely shut down your machine...some sites even suggest removing the battery (I've never done that).

The best thing to use is a lint free cloth (I bought one for my car and have never used it, so I may use it for my screen)...or lint free paper, such as a coffee filter.

Don't SPRAY anything near or onto your screen...if a liquid gets inside an important part of your computer you may damage it. The Mac website suggest using only WATER to clean with, as other solvents may scratch or corrode your surfaces.

Secondly, dampen your cloth slightly with water and gently wipe the screen.

If you clean your screen once a week you will have a bright and healthy viewing surface!


Mr. Clean Erasers have been suggested as a non-wet way to clean the stained surfaces of your computers...I wouldn't try it on the screen just in case it harms the surface.
Distilled water has also been suggested as a non-staining solution. Rubbing alcohol is something I've used on the stains (where my hands have rubbed)...but it is not recommended by most manufacturers. One site even mentioned rubbing your fingers with hand sanitizer and then lightly massaging the keyboard to disinfect...who knew?

Keyboard Cleanliness

I use a cotton swab, dip it in the rubbing alcohol and swipe the keys of the keyboard, helping to remove dirt and grime. I end up using quite a few swabs. Then let it air dry. You may also use a vacuum cleaner to suck out any dust or dirt that may end up in your keyboard. With my laptop I use a small can of air to blow away debris.

Warning: Always consult the manufacturer for approved cleaning methods and products. Micro-fiber cleaning cloths for camera lenses work well on computer screens.

Transporting During Inclement Weather

It's getting chilly outside for most of us and sometimes we want to take our laptops out and about...heat and cold will affect your tech products. If you leave your laptop in your car or trunk (not recommended because someone could steal it out of your car) and it is freezing weather, you may want to allow your device quite a bit of time to warm up before you turn it on. Condensation could be a potential threat if you thaw out too quickly.

If it's raining or snowing, remember to protect your laptop from the wet and damp. Keep it stored in a weatherproof bag even if you're just running from the car to the house.

Have you ever noticed people at Panera or Starbucks happily plodding away on their laptops...or quietly reading their E-readers? Then, the next thing you look and they've gone off to the restroom or to get a coffee refill and left their device sitting on the table with their bags and keys? I've seen this time and again, and it could be a cry for help...or for an invitation to a thief to come along and gently lift those keys or computer to a new location.
Please don't leave your laptop alone - ever. Think of it as a small child who could get into trouble left unattended. One suggestion might be to find someone else on their computer and ask them to keep an eye for a moment?

Remember: Just as you wouldn't leave people or animals in a car ever, especially during hot or freezing weather, you should not leave your laptop in there either! Read about some storage suggestions at Apartment Therapy.

I hope these tips help you get the most out of your laptop! There are many many videos on YouTube of folks showing how to clean your computers and laptops...check them out for many more encouraging ideas!


  1. Good advice for laptop owners. Do you have any suggestions for cleaning the iMac screen? I clean the keyboard with Clorox wipes to disinfect it.

    1. I found this video on YouTube:

  2. good advice for keeping a laptop clean thank you


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