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Key Word Love

Did you know you can check your blog's KEY WORDS? Have you heard of key words? Key words are the search terms a user has implemented to locate yours and others' blogs. There are some strange key words out there so be warned!

If you have a Blogger blog:
  1. Click on STATS after clicking DESIGN from your Blogger navbar.
  2. Now you'll see your Stats OVERVIEW. Two tabs over you will find TRAFFIC SOURCES. Click.
  3. Scroll down the page and you'll find Search Keyword. Here you will find a list of your blog's words.
Don't forget you can choose a time frame for your search, such as NOW, TODAY, WEEK, MONTH and ALL TIME.

Google Analytics (playing with the big boys!):
  1. Log into your Analytics account.
  2. Go to the standard reporting section.
  3. Go to Traffic Source.
  4. Keywords should appear below the graph, if it doesn’t click on the word (left of the main content screen but not on the menu) to select.
  5. You can View Full Report to see them all.

The Blog Guidebook's key words are all related to blogging (which is a good thing!). Some of our search words include: linky party, blog guide, decorate blog, guide, blog how tos, and collage.
Some top key words from across the internet might include: facebook, google, youtube, craigslist, keywords, amazon, gmail, yahoo, walmart, netflix, and more of course!

To make your blog more searchable, make sure you use your POST TITLES properly. Google searches Post Titles! Have fun checking out your Key Words! If you have some funny ones we'd love to hear them!


  1. Hmmmm...Ha! Ha! I got a couple of funny ones: "black bird with red head"...and "coral-colored moths images". ^_^ Seeing as I'm not a bird-watching blog, but a chicken eating transplanted southern girl, I'm not sure what those words are all about! LOL...Oh well! Whatever! ^_^

    1. Ooh, I like those! And isn't it funny how the name of your blog makes a difference too? My other blog keeps getting lots of Pet Products spam. Who'd of thought?


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