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Get Pinterest Analytics - Using Pinerly

You know we love Pinterest. We know you love Pinterest. Want to get a handle on your Pinterest use and figure out how to make it work for you? Meet Pinerly (Pinterest's long lost cousin of sorts).

Have you ever thought you'd like to schedule your pins so you don't overwhelm your followers on those nights you're bored and can't stop repinning? Pinerly can help!

“One of the most important things about Pinterest is to disperse the pins over time. So instead of just pinning everything at once, it would be great to have a way to spread your content throughout the day so that even when you are away from the computer, pins that you may have found earlier in the morning will be posted to keep your followers engaged.
We hope that this will allow many avid pinners to do all of their pinning at one time and concentrate more on the things that matter – spend time engaging with their followers, customers, users, or even with their family”.
          -Rick Kats, Pinerly’s co-founder

Read this awesome article that explains how to use Pinerly - The Next Web and get the details on what Pinerly is all about.

Right now they are invite only and there's a waiting list. Get invited.


  1. any chance you could send me an invite to pinerly? kim.wuenschel @ hotmail . com

  2. I would love an invite if possible - ty

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