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Try Linky Followers In Place of Google Friend Connect

Is your blog on a non-Blogger platform? Are you concerned about losing all your Google Friend Connect followers in March? Well, here is one solution you may want to consider! We love using Linky Tools and Brent of Linky Tools has a new tool up his sleeve called Linky Followers. Linky Followers (LF) has all the bases covered too...add an image of your choice, you can read all the blogs you follow with LF in your reader (on their site), and you can add blogs to categories like Favorites!

Tell your readers to switch over this month before GFC shuts down on non-Blogger blog. Let us know what you think!  And here's some info from their site:


  1. I have been using it and I enjoy it very much!


  2. I've heard about this happening in March, but I'm a bit confused. Does that mean the non-Blogger blogs that I've added to my blogroll will disappear as well? Or just the ones that I've following via Google Friend Connect? Those are two seperate things, as far as I understand it. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

    1. Heather, your blogroll shouldn't be affected...not sure if you're following via GFC if they'll just disappear. I think those non-Blogger folks just won't be able to install the GFC box on their blogs anymore (or the code won't work?). I could be wrong...I'll look into it some more.

      Thanks for getting me thinking!

  3. I just tried it on my blog today, I tried following but I'm not showing there yet, I'm a newbie, sorry, lol
    New follower of your blog too.
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  4. Thank you for all the advise. I am also a newbie & trying to make since of all this blogging info. I hope to learn it quickly & I hope to get lots of followers as well! I hope you will follow me & after looking at my blog that you will give me some advice. I will value it a lot!
    2retirednewmans (Just Another Day)


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