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My Favourite Thing - Adobe Illustrator

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited and overwhelmed to be a new contributor for the Blog Guidebook! I thought for my first post I would rave about one of the best things I ever did. (If you're the slightest bit interested in graphic design, that is). And that's take Alma Loveland's Illustrator 101 class through Nicole's Classes. I used to just design the odd thing for myself in Photoshop, and whenever I would see something super cool someone had made, I figured they were just way better than me at Photoshop! Turns out, they were probably using Illustrator.
My favourite thing about Adobe Illustrator is by far the pen tool. I'm not even that great of a pencil and paper artist, but the pen tool fixes all of that. It's just like drawing, but on your computer screen, and the possibilities are endless. It's super fun to fill in the images with color afterwards too. Makes me feel like a kid all over again. :)
Alma's class is only four weeks long, and it's online, and it's only $125. You can't beat that! And it gives you LOADS of information. I am in love with Illustrator, and life has been peaches ever since I took that class! Now I can just sit down and make pretty much anything I want to. No more being held back by not being sure how to do something. It's wonderful!
Here's a few of my favourite (yes, I'm Canadian, so no, I didn't spell that wrong...ha ha) things I've designed since taking the class. I can't wait to take the rest of Alma's classes.
Oh, and I don't benefit a bit from this post. I just love it THAT much. :)


  1. Alma's classes are the best! I've taken two and am planning on taking the Ornaments and Embellishments class in February.

  2. I'm lovin' illustrator too! Nicole's Classes looks super fun. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love your designs. They are so cute!! You are 100% right. Alma is amazing. I am taking her class this month and she is seriously the best.

  4. Oh that looks like it could be so much fun to play with, thanks!


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