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Free Picnik For Everyone!

Picnik is closing in April - for good. They were acquired by Google about a year ago...hmmmm...
But the good news is that you get to use all the Premium features until they do close. So go use and enjoy for a month or two, start loving it, and then it will be ripped from your fingers. And our tutorials using it will be somewhat useless. Bummers.

Read their post HERE.


  1. Very interesting news. For a very short time Picnik was inside blogger as a photo editor. If they bring that feature back into blogger I'd be geeked about it, as it was nice to be able to crop/resize images right within the blogger post admin interface.

  2. This is good news indeed, Sarah. Thank you!

  3. FYI, they are refunding me my subscription fee. So they must be doing that for all premium members.

  4. I am sooooo bummed about this! I loved using picnik. Do you know of another similar service?

  5. I'm so sad that Picnik is shutting down. It really was a wonderful photo editing site that was so simple to use. What will we do now?

  6. I was bummed to hear about it too, glad about the refund but I will have to figure out how to get them my new account info. to collect it! Its always something. I hope they add it to Google+


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