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Can You Make Money From Blogging?

There are many websites out there that promote ways for you to make money with blogging...many are fraudulent and just want to get your money (that's how they make money blogging!).  Today I read Annabel's article Can You Make Money From Blogging? and was impressed with her points and in depth analysis. Annabel's blog, Successful Blogging doesn't focus on making money, but how to be a better blogger...which is exactly what our goal is! You will want to read Annabel's post all the way through and remember the bullet points. You can make money blogging, but it takes time and hard work.
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  1. Hi, Interested to read your post on making money through blogging. I was under the impression that one of the rules to having a Blogsite was that you are not permitted to sell through it!...have I got this wrong, or has it changed?....regards, ann.

  2. Hi Ann,
    You can definitely sell something on your blog. Not sure if you are referring to "blogsite" as another blogging platform or not.

    If you have further questions please let us know.


  3. This is interesting - but I feel like the real question is not "Can you make money?" but "How much money are we talking here?". Went to BlogHer over the weekend, and I walked away feeling like - yes, there are clearly people out there who have success and can make a living, but those are very few and far between. Most successful bloggers I have met don't quit their day jobs. Love to hear other people's thoughts on this. What is success defined as in terms of monetary compensation? And how many hours do you put in to get there?

  4. Some see successfully turning their blog into a business when their husband can quit his job to help manage the day to day of the blog. Or possibly reaching a certain amount of income or hits.
    To accomplish these things you really do have to find the niche (that was touted at Blogher last week) and put in the time. You may just have an instant winner or you might have to build up readership over a few years.

    Here at the Blog Guidebook we have been plugging along for just over a year. We don't make much money for what we do...but we LOVE what we do. LOVE is the secret ingredient to most successes.

  5. Hi Sarah, Thanks for your answer to my query, and I'm referring to Google Blogger sites. cheers, ann.

  6. Ann, we sell stuff here at guidebook, we just use Paypal to create a button that allows folks to purchase securely. It also accepts credit cards for us. Have you peeked in our Blog Shop?
    Also, I will do a post about using Paypal again for the newbies.

    The only thing you can't sell (besides the obvious) is your actual blog (apparently). But I do know how to switch it over to another person. You can, of course, sell the domain name without the attached (if it's available).

    Hope this all makes sense.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for sharing my post here. I really appreciate that and I'm glad it got you all thinking:)

    Mrs. Pickens - you have a good point but I think you can slowly build your blog up to create a fulltime income if you wish over a few years. Or you could use it as I do to boost your existing income.

    There are many other opportunities coming my way from blogging, not just money:)

    Sarah, I love what you're doing here - it looks like a enthusiastic community and I'm happy to be part of it!

    Happy blogging everyone:)

  8. Thanks for sharing those links! making money through blogging is a very exciting topic.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy


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