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Advertising Specials for June

June is a very special month for us. We launched the Blog Guidebook last year on June 1st, it's taken off in ways we could never have imagined and we've loved every minute of it!

We're expecting many new visitors this month and we know you want to get your blog out there. You may want to think about advertising here at the BGB (Blog Guidebook) are some options you may want to take advantage of:

NEW End of Post Advertising: $20 per week
Reach thousands of readers by advertising your blog, product or website at the end of our posts for one full week. We guarantee at least four posts a week (probably 5 or 6). Our posts are emailed to over 2700 readers via Feedburner every day.
Please provide us with your art work* or 400x50 ad

Sidebar Advertising: $25 per month (this price will be going up in July!)
Please provide us with your art work*, or size 200x70 ad
We have 10 spots available!

Spotlight Feature: $15
We will promote your blog in one post on our site, with links and buttons to your blog.
We have 4 spots per month available! Email us for availability.

*If art work is provided there is a $10 fee to set up your ad.
If you need art work created we will send you a quote (simple buttons by Blog Beautiful Designs)

There are some easy and free strategies you can use to advertise your blog too. Quite a few of the "get rich quick" schemes for growing a big blog are not really necessary anymore. You don't have to submit your blog to sites like Technorati, Page Rank or other aggregators. 

Did you know Blogger and other blogging platforms have "built in" submissions to search engines? That is pretty cool!

If you have a bit of cash set aside and want to pay someone for their information, such as a book on how they got famous blogging, then that is one way to learn. But much of this info can be found by Googling certain questions, so you could save money that way.

Another way to learn, is to just do it. Just keep trying to catch the attention of another blogger, one that has more followers than you, and you can ride on the proverbial bloggy coattails.

Strategies to try:

1. Write to blogs you admire and ask them if they'd be willing to give you free ad space if you write a charming and exultant post about how fabulous they are.
2. Write to as many blog friends as you can find and ask them the same question.
3. Offer free ad space to other bloggers in exchange for a free ad for you. If you're too shy to ask, then inquire about their ad rates and see if they'll give you a discount.
4. Host a giveaway, or as many as you want. Email everyone you know about it.
5. Join forums and leave comments or messages.
6. Remember if a reader takes the time to leave you a message, return the favor and reply to them. This is a great way to gain a new follower, especially if you follow them first.
7. Write to companies and ask them to allow you to promote their items.
8. Write posts about blogs you love and link to them. Then write to them and tell them you posted about them and for them to read the post.
9. Take out an ad in a magazine or other publication. This could be expensive, but you might be able to find a start up company that will accept your ad if you can provide them with some other kind of service (such as web design, advertising, etc).
10. Join a blog directory. Oh yeah, if you haven't joined The Blog Guidebook, you better do it today!

I read a great article today on how big companies don't advertise with little blogs. READ IT HERE. It's a well written article with lots of numbers and information.
And check out this totally funny and sensitive dad-written blog, called Will Work 4 Followers. He's got tips for bloggers there and on his other blog Single Dad Laughing, you can find rants on single fatherhood and general life stuff.

Here at The Blog Guidebook we love showcasing amazing blogs, new and old. Check out the hundreds of categories we offer, fill out our Join Now form and you can be part of a community of bloggers who are fun, intelligent, talented, newbies, old-hats, and plain good writers.

Keep blogging!


  1. This was so helpful - thank you!!

  2. I love these tips! I've been wondering about advertising and gaining followers, so this was very helpful.


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