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Linky Tools a.k.a. MckLinky Update

Tomorrow is the last day you can export your linkies...if you need assistance doing this let us know and we'll post a tutorial.  If you have paid the new fee for Linky Tools, you don't have to do anything.

From the Linky Tools website:

"If you just thought “no way, I’ll find a free service” then be sure to check out the list of new stuff that is coming, and the testimonials at the bottom of this message stating how much new traffic and benefit Linky Tools has been to blogs.
This is the best linky system on the Internet. I am constantly adding new tools and features. The tools, the traffic it brings you, the web links back to you, the increased exposure on the Internet from the blog directory, blog hops and lists… all for about half a cup of coffee a month. Beside all the great Linky Tools, you’re going to get this new stuff too in the coming weeks:

o    Optional email notifications when someone enters a link on your list
o    Click stats on your links, and summary stats on your account
o    Blog party (meme, carnival, etc) directory
o    Linky Tools Reference Desk
o    Add  a Bible Verse or inspiration quote to your Linky list
o A multi-list creator function (example: create 20 lists with one click, scheduled in intervals)"

Linky Tools Dashboard Example:
Note:  To export your linkies, just log in to your Dashboard at Linky Tools. 
Above the blue text that says Get Code it says PreviewIExport.  Click Export.  This will take you to a new page with all the info on how to grab your linkies.  You will then copy and paste that into a post on your blog.  Very quick and easy to do. 
Any questions?  Leave us a comment in the Comment section.

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  1. Hi!

    We have developed a tool to automatically freeze and import your closed linkytools collections and serve the exported HTML from our own servers.

    No fee is required for this, just create a free account in and send us an email at info(at)inlinkz(dot)com to send you information on how to preserve your linkytools collections without even having to login to his dashboard.

    You can follow us on twitter at @inlinkz and drop us a mention if you like!




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