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Guest Blogger Tutorial With Makin' Cute Blogs #3

If you are brand new to blogging, or you can't decide if you want to stay with Minima or not, check out this quick guide to the New(ish) Template Designer :)

I was skeptical at first when Blogger made the change to the new Template Designer, but I LOVE it! Here is a break down of the cool features that you will get with the new Template Designer:


My Favorite things about the new templates:
* With 6 New Main Templates, and several options for each Template, you have a total of 27 Options!
* When you have pages, and add your menu/navigation bar, it actually looks nice! *If you don't know how to add pages, CLICK HERE to learn how.
* They make it very simple to Click through all of the different designs, and view them as you go, making it much easier to make a selection.


My Favorite things about the background section:

* First of all I love all of the new background options, it is good to have more options than just what comes with the template.

* I love how you have the option to Upload your OWN background! (or ones from **wink**wink**)
* Once you have your background picked out. They have made it super easy to change the Alignment (where the background is placed), tell it to Tile or not (Tile=if you want your background to repeat or not), and whether or not you want your background to scroll with the page, or stay in a fixed position.
* Besides just changing your background, you can even change your Theme Color. Very easily I might add!


The Layout section, well, it just speaks for its self! It has made it amazingly easy to switch up the layout of your blog in SECONDS! Love it!

Adjust Widths:

Same.. it speaks for its self! If you like using blog backgrounds (from ...cutestblogontheblock, etc.), this is especially nice, because now you can fit your layout to the background, not the other way around :)


OKAY... so now we get to my favorite part! Oh, and just because it is called "Advanced" doesn't mean that it is, it is so easy! I will break this out into sections:

FONTS: Yay! So Blogger FINALLY figured out that we don't like normal... BORING web fonts! Us bloggers used to have to bend backwards, and jump through hoops to change our fonts outside of the Web Font Box! Now blogger has a whole slew of fonts (ya, some of them are not as cute as Amanda's Fonts...but they are much better than before!).

COLORS: They made is so easy to change font, background, tab colors etc.

Add CSS: Maybe I am a NERD, but I love this feature about the new template designer. It is a simple way for those of you out there that like to take you blog designs to the next level. If you are into changing your CSS, I would have to say the coolest thing about the new template designer. It gives you the ability to make changes and preview them at the same time. None of this back and forth between your Edit HTML page, and your Preview.

Side note:  We will be having more CSS information available coming soon!

Have Fun Dressing Up your Blogs!


  1. I wanted to read how to add pages, but couldn't get the "here" to take me it me or the link? I'd love to know more about it...thanks you so much!

  2. Cindy, here you go:

  3. I'm currently Minima and think I want to change over to Template Designer but I'm not sure how to do the actual change. Any suggestions where I might find this out? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the tips. I am wanting to start learning how to do more with my blog this year and am so glad I found this blog.


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