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Blog Critique: Blog Help Services

All blogs are not created equal...but we'd like to help you level the playing field!

Critique Cost = $12 per blog

Check our Critique Queue HERE, so you will know how long the wait is...up to 30 days!

Ever wondered what others think of your blog? Would you like an unbiased opinion?
Our critique service will help you find out!

With a group of talented blog designers willing to give your blog the once over in a kind, constructive manner, you will find out what your blog is really like.  Following a formula, your blog will be rated on design elements and content.  You will receive a written "recommendations for improvement" via email in a PDF form.
We are working on speeding up the process, and will try to get your critique back to you in a few days.

There is  a first come first serve waiting list. Depending on how many are in the queue will indicate how long it will take to get to your critique date. Payment for this service is due prior to the critique. 

We hope our readers will find this helpful. This is a positive, growing experience, it's not meant to belittle or poke fun at any blog! We're very serious about this. We want to help you be the best blogger you can be, every single day.

SIGN UP FOR A CRITIQUE: $12.00 Fill in your blog address and blog name below, and click the Buy Now button. If your blog address is not included we cannot add you to our queue.

Blog Address to be critiqued
Blog Name

Blogs are not built in a day, but it sure is great when you've got the right people to build the foundation!

What you are saying about our services:
"Thank you! I found the tips very helpful and put some of them to use right away!"

"Thank you very much! This is definitely helpful."

"Thank you so much for the blog critique! I am flattered by your review and look forward to making your suggestions and improvements for building a following in the future. It is so nice to have professional feedback and I really appreciate this service from the blog guidebook.
 Thank you,"

"Thank you very much for the critique, it was very helpful and surprising in a very good way."

"Thanks so much for the awesome, useful, and detailed critque! My font has
been an issue for me for sometime. I have wanted to make changes but can't
figure out how! I was able to install it, but wouldn't you know I don't
even have a clue as to how I did it! Hopefully your links will help me
figure it out! What a useful tool you have provided in these critiques."

"i thank you so much for your critique!  you were spot on about everything.  this has been so helpful, thanks again!"


  1. I love your blog and only wish I knew everything you do about blogging. You have some great tutorials to help me learn. I am already a follower and visiting from The Girl Creative Bloh Hop.

  2. Thanks for sharing so many blog tips with us.

  3. I have a couple of specific questions I'd love the critiquer (is that a word? I don't think so) to address - could you contact me before you start? Thanks! Christy

  4. I just signed up for the critique. Should be interesting!

  5. Great Idea, I have lots to learn as you will see once you start looking at said blog. I signed up can't wait. Thank you in advance.

  6. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks. I would be scared to have a critique on my blogs :) I can't wait to come visit and see all of your ideas.

    I'm a new visitor from TGC blog hop.

  7. How scary and exciting! I'm not ready for something like that but I hope if you see a trend of things going bad that you'll share

  8. Just what I need! I just signed up :)

  9. I signed up too! What a great idea!

  10. Great idea just what I need!!! I'm on!

  11. I love this! I signed up today after finding you through Makin' Cute Blogs. April's and Carolynn's blogs are two of my go-to places. Yay! I'm excited.

  12. Thank you again for the wonderful information you gave me with the critque! Will definately recommend to others!

  13. This is a really great idea.

    I love your site.

    So much useful information.

  14. Just signed up! can't wait to hear what y'all say!


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