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Getting to know our 2010 Top Blog - Today's Letters

Today we've got Emily Loerke with us, one of the masterminds (Tim helped too!) behind our 2010 Top Blog winner: Today's Letters. Emily is answering a few particulars about life and blogging, so pull up a chair and enjoy!
Today's Letters
• How has blogging improved your relationship with each other?
          Tim and I have always written each other letters, however, posting them on the blog has served
          as an additional form of accountability to put into practice the things we write about. It's also
          improved our relationship by giving us the opportunity to counsel other dating and engaged
          couples. There's nothing quite like sharing your marital successes and failures to improve
          communication with your spouse ; )

• What would you do with your time if you had NO electricity (internet, TV, you name it) for a hole year year?
          I'd take a ceramics class, go flea marketing, learn how to knit these for the Mr., and refinish old
          furniture. I'd also spend more time outside, reading, writing letters, building forts, and taking naps.

• What are 3 blogs you visit every day, without fail?
        Rockstar Diaries
        Fly Through Our Window
        We Are 1976
• What or who are your biggest inspiration(s)?
         Of course, Tim is a big source of inspiration. It would be impossible for me to write him letters each
         day if I didn't have such a great subject to write about. I also find inspiration in the small things.
         I'm a firm believer that much joy can be extracted from the common gifts each day brings.

• What’s your best advice for someone just starting out in the blogosphere?
          I'd probably encourage a new blogger not to let writing consume all of their time (it takes much longer
          than you think to format posts and learn code). On the other hand, blogging can also be similar to
          your front yard; if you don't water it, it will die. So write posts, but don't let it consume you, and don't
          get caught up in how many page views or followers you have. Write because you love it, not because
          people notice.

• Do you have an all time favorite post on your blog?
         They're honestly all my favorite in some way or another, but I had a lot of fun writing
         {10 Things} That Have Made All The Difference in Our Marriage

         {A Letter} from Home
         {Coava Coffee: Portland}
• What is your fave thing about blogging?
         I love how blogging has been a platform to meet other creative and talented people. Nine months ago
         I had no idea the blogging community even existed, but I've seen that it's real and have experienced
         first hand the encouragement and inspiration it brings.

• Who designs your blog?
          It is a joint effort between my friend David and I, but he is the coding genius behind making our ideas
          become a reality. I always tell people that a blog's success is based on 50% content and 50% design.
          Without a good layout you'll find yourself stuck in the mud; tires spinning, but not moving forward.
 • How do you find balance between life/career/relationships/blogging, because let’s face it, you really do have to put a lot of effort into keeping a blog in tip top shape.
          This is something I'm still learning how to do. Like I mentioned earlier, blogging can take up much
          more time than you think, especially when you throw in responding to reader emails and coordinating
          advertisers. I try and do most of my writing either on my lunch break at work or after Tim has
          gone to bed. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, so taking the weekends off has been helpful
          in creating margin to do other things I love besides writing.

 • Any words to live by?
          Two quotes that have stuck with me for a long time are, "Make your days count, rather than count
          your days," by Tim Hansel and "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle,"
          by Philo of Alexandria. I think if we can be intentional about making the most of each day while
          remembering that each person we come in contact with has a story, we'd all do a better job of
          accepting ourselves and loving those around us. 


  1. What a sweet couple! I love their hats in that last picture!

  2. I read Today's Letters like everyday! Tim and Em are awesome, if I lived in the USA I'd take them out for a coffee to say thank you/well done/and keep being you! I've had a few email convos with Em and although on 1 a while back we didn't see quite eye to eye I'd like to think that we do now and it's all good :D

  3. LOVE the words to live by, encouraging and inspiring!

  4. Thanks for sharing. What a lovely couple. Happy blogging!

  5. You asked some really great questions here! And YOU have such a beautiful blog! Love the look, the colors, the design ... great job guys! :)

  6. This is a great article and I learned a bit ;) :) I love hearing other blogger's tips :) :) Thanks. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. I love this interview, I'm new to the blogging world b/c I genuinely love writing and I appreciate the advice :) I stumbled upon Todays Letters a couple weeks ago and have been hooked, lotsa love.


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