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Featured Blog—"Hygge Nook"

Hello, loyal bees! Lyndsay here today. I have a husband who loves all things Danish (for various well-founded reasons that I won't get into on this blog, but suffice it to say both my children have Danish names). So naturally, I have also cultivated an appreciation for Denmark and Scandinavia. And I was delighted to recently find this blog with quite the Danish title: "Hygge Nook." The word "hygge" looks funny, and is probably sounding funny in your head. But it's actually pronounced more like the "oo" in "nook." (Make the sound "oo" while forming your mouth like "ee.") And the "e" at the end of hygge is kind of similar to an "a." So it sounds like "Hooga Nook" (but make that first word rhyme more with nook...sort of). Got it? Great. :) Enough with the Danish lesson from an American. On to the blog!

Meet Camilla:

She's a journalist, blogger, interiors addict, knitter, new-crocheter, cake eater, chocoholic and mum of three. Sometimes all at once.

So what does "Hygge" mean? Here is Camilla's description of the word (it's a hard word to describe, since it connotes a feeling and emotion, so I'll let her do it justice):

"Hygge is a beautiful Danish word that embodies the things we feel makes a home. It's family, cosyness, a feeling of belonging, of your eye finding beauty in every corner and so much more. You can find more about what hygge is at Denmark's official website.

I love this blog because it is a slightly different spin on home decor. It's slightly more...hygge! You'll find really great resources for Design Blogs and Craft Blogs. Fun posts on crochet and knit projects, fun paper and print finds, decor makeovers, and so many other delights I can't list them here. She often features designers in her Designer Focus series. Plus there are travel notes! It has the feel of high-end design blog in terms of content, with the personal thumbprint of Camilla. It's a great personal touch.

So hop on over and check out Hygge Nook.

Farvel for now!

All images courtesy of Hygge Nook.


  1. new follower. love this site-too cute. her stuff is DARLING too!

    ps: my hubby has an obsession with ireland...all 4 of our kids have irish names. funny.

  2. Oh wow! Thank you Lyndsey. I'm so thrilled that you've featured Hygge Nook - always good to find another fan of Denmark :-)


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