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Location, Location, Location Central!!!

Jen of Slumber Designs started an exciting new project about two weeks ago...she created a blog to help bloggers find other bloggers close to them. It's called Location Central and she has almost 400 bloggers signed up by is simple and all you have to do is leave a comment in your state (ie. California). You might want to go try it out and see who your neighbors might be!

Jen says on her blog: "I have started a new blog called Location Central. This new blog will be a one-stop shop for bloggers around the world to locate fellow bloggers in our areas.
The reason I created this blog is because I know there are so many other bloggers in my state but I just don't know who they are. Heck, I may have a few in my own neighborhood! I would love to visit their blogs, learn more about my community and hopefully build new friendships and networks. I know many of you have expressed this same desire. What perfect way to find out who lives near us!"

Let's see how many of us can go to Location Central and sign up! Leave a comment here if you're going to do it. See you somewhere in the world!


  1. how fun! i love realizing people are blogging in the tri state area, let alone seeing by city!

  2. I did it! Thanks for letting us know about this!! :)

  3. thanks for teh tip headed over there to check it out. good way to network

  4. What a great idea! I signed up. I just discovered your site and am already loving all the information I've discovering!

  5. Heading over there now! So excited!

  6. What a great concept! I found a wonderful blog by a woman who lives in the town where I work. Thank you!


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