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Spotlight with 6th Street Design School

We've got a lot of interior design going on around here lately. And today we are excited to have Kirsten Krason of 6th Street Design School with us. She's one hip chick! I get lost on her website drooling over all of the ideas I could be making a reality— if only I wasn't renting...

And guess what? Kirsten offers e-decorating services. And through the month of August she is offering %10 off of the usual $50 an hour charge for her e-decorating services! You can find out more by clicking on the link below: (or e-mail her at

BGB: How long have you been blogging?

Kirsten: I have been blogging since 2009 but I didn’t really start my design blog until September of this last year. That was when I really started dedicating myself to it.

BGB: What made you start?

Kirsten: I started my Interior Design blog because I wanted a place to share all of the great inspiration I found on the internet. After I had my baby I quit my great job and I wanted a way to stay up on current trends in the design world.

BGB: Are there bloggers who have inspired you? Which ones?

Kirsten: I always call Leslie from A Room Somewhere my blogging mentor. Her blog was the first design blog I ever started reading. I would read her blog every single day. When I first started my blog I asked for her advice all the time.

BGB: Do you have any suggestions for new bloggers? Any tips on gaining followers/readers?

Kirsten: Don’t give up. It can be really hard to gain a readership. Some days you will feel like you wasted so much time writing a post that no one even reads. A blog can be a lot of work. Don’t get discouraged. It won’t happen over night. But eventually you’ll have ten or twenty readers and then it will keep growing from there.

You also need to post frequently. I want my blog to be something that I would want to read. If I write up a post that I feel is interesting then I feel good about it.

BGB: Do you think there are specific genres that are more popular than others in blogging?

Kirsten: I only really read Interior Design and lifestyle blogs. I’m sure there are so many other kinds out there. If you have an interest then there will be a blog about it I’m sure. Scrap booking, photography, fishing, politics, sports, you name it and I bet there is a blog about it.

BGB: Do you advertise your blog? If so, where?

Kirsten: I don’t advertise my blog right now. If I get to a point where that happens it would be great. Right now I simply rely on word of mouth.

BGB: Who designed your blog?

Kirsten: Jenna of Q.A. Designs. She is amazing. She did such a great job. I love how my blog looks. It makes me so happy.

BGB: Does your blog relate to your job at all, is it your job?

Kirsten: I am an Interior Designer and I get most of my clients from my blog. If you are a business owner I really recommend starting a blog or advertising on blogs. The internet is everything these days. Blogging influences millions of people and your company is really missing out if you are not advertising with bloggers.

BGB: When and where do you write your posts?

Kirsten: I usually write my posts on the floor! I am still in the process of getting a proper office space and I usually find myself writing my posts on my bedroom floor. I write my posts when my son is napping or has gone to bed for the night. I update my blog almost every day so I have to keep up with my posts or I will get bogged down. I am writing posts all the time.

BGB: Have you ever hosted a blog party or linky party?

Kirsten: I recently just tried a linky part. I think thy are so fun. It was my first one. I hope to try a lot more in the future.

BGB: Have you ever attended a just for bloggers event?

Kirsten: No, but I can’t wait to go to the ALT Design summit this year. I can’t imagine how great it would be to be surrounded by bloggers! People who get me.

BGB: Are there any negatives to blogging you’re concerned about?

Kirsten: You can’t let your blog take over your life. I never let my blog get in the way of my family or social life. I hang out with friends, take walks with my husband and baby and spend lots of time just down on the floor playing with my baby boy. A blog is fun but it is not life. I try hard not to spend all day inside in front of a computer screen.

Blogs can also be hard because they cause us to compare ourselves to other people. There are so many brilliant designers out there and it can be hard when I start comparing myself to them. I just have to remember that I have something unique to offer.

BGB: What do you think the future is of blogging?

Kirsten: I really hope blogging is around for a long time. It scares me sometimes to think of a world without it. They way technology is advancing these days I’d be surprised if something more advanced didn’t come a long. I hope not though because I really like blogging the way it is now.

BGB: Which blogs do you read often? Any favorites?

Kirsten: I read so many blogs. I don’t like to post things that are on other blogs so I try and stay up and what people are writing about. My favorite blogs are:

Bryn Alexandra

A room somewhere

Caitlin Creer

I Suwannee

BGB: What are currently working on? Any current or upcoming projects you’d like us to write about?

Kirsten: I am working on building my business! Thinking up great designs is just half the work. Getting clients is just as time consuming. I LOVE designing people’s homes and the more work the better. I dream about ways to make rooms better!

Thanks so much, Kirsten. It was a pleasure!

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