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Friday, July 22nd Spotlight - Tatertots and Jello!


Our new friend Jennifer Hadfield of Tatertots & Jello believes in community blogging just like we do here at The Blog Guidebook:

"I started this blog as a place to keep my creative ideas and projects. I love encouraging other people to develop their creative side. Anyone can be creative! Anyone can create fun projects for their home from nothing. I want to create a community of people who encourage each other to be the best people we can be -- together we can do anything!!!"
- Jen

Well, we think you will find that Tatertots and Jello is a colorful, energetic and friendly place to locate some great projects for your home, the holidays, gifts, and children. There are many tutorials from pillows to pennants to keychains...just take a peek and see what you can find today! Bloggers can also share their projects on Jen's Friday night Weekend Wrap Up Party!
Join us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap up party!

BGB: It's so wonderful finally getting to meet you Jen! How long have you been blogging?

Jen: I am about to celebrate my 2nd year Blogoversary!

BGB: What made you start?

Jen: My sister, Wendy had a blog and she really thought I would love it. I really resisted the idea because I am not a great writer and I didn’t think I had anything to share.

BGB: Are there bloggers who have inspired you? Which ones?

Jen: So many! I am introduced to new blogs each day and such wonderful bloggers. Some big ones are The Pioneer Woman and Nie Nie.

BGB: Do you have any suggestions for new bloggers? Any tips on gaining followers/readers?

Jen: I do have a few thoughts on that subject. I really think that if you write about things that you care about and try to develop friendships you will be successful. I also think that it takes time to build your blog – many people expect to have tons of people follow you immediately. Join in parties that interest you. Leave comments on other people’s blogs – get to know people. Start making friendships because you want to, not just to have people follow you. And most importantly, have fun! Do it because you love it.

BGB: You have ad space for sale on your blog right?

Jen: I do. I keep my prices really low to help mom-based businesses.

BGB:: Who designed your blog?

Jen: I designed the blog that I have right now, although I am in the middle of a redesign. I am so excited about it! The name of (my designer is) Bailey of B’s Blog Boutique.

BGB: Is blogging your job right now?

Jen: My job right now is mom to four little ones. Well, some of them are bigger than others – lol. I am so blessed to be able to be at home right now.

BGB: When and where do you write your posts?

Jen: I usually make my projects in the day or evenings and then edit the pictures and do the blog posts late at night.

BGB: Have you ever hosted a blog party or linky party?

Jen: Yes, I was so nervous when I did my first blog party. It really was nerve racking for me. Now I have one every Friday night called The Weekend Wrap Up Party where people can link up any projects, crafts, recipes or ideas that they would like to share. I love going through everyone’s ideas and spotlighting people.
I think it has been really successful in that I have been able to spotlight many fun blogs and bring them to the attention of my readers.

BGB: Have you ever attended a just for bloggers event? If so, which one(s)?

Jen: I have not been to any blogging conferences so far. I am really shy and that has seemed so far out of my comfort zone. I really would like to try going to one though. I am looking at maybe attending the Blissdom event next year.

BGB: Are there any negatives to blogging you’re concerned about?

Jen: Yes, there are a few. One of them is the negativity that I am seeing in comments a very few people have been leaving. I really would love the blogging world to stay positive and supportive. I also have seen some copying without giving credit back to the original author. I really think that is getting better though

BGB: How does this impact you?

Jen: It’s hard to get negative comments and I know for me it’s hard to put myself out there with an idea or project.

BGB: What do you think is the future of blogging?

Jen: I think the future of blogging is HUGE. I really think companies are looking at blogs and twitter and seeing the influence that these mediums will have on almost every aspect of everyday life. I heard that Oprah is doing an episode on blogging and Twitter and how bloggers are even changing the way that tv companies are developing their schedules. It will be fun to see what happens in the next few years. I really think things are changing at a rapid pace.

BGB: Which blogs do you read often? Any favorites?

Jen: I have so many! I really wish I had more time in the day to get around to all of the blogs that I love! I have a close little group of friends that I met through a party called “Friend Making Mondays” when I first started blogging. I check on their blogs every day and really feel like I know them. We also connected on Facebook and keep in touch there too.

BGB: What are you currently working on? Any current or upcoming projects you’d like us to know about?

Jen: I have so many ideas floating around in my head. One type of project that I am in love with right now is “Subway Art”. I am excited to make some holiday subway art for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also still love burlap. I had in my mind that I wanted to do 100 burlap projects before I stopped. I think I am maybe half way there. And although not everyone loves burlap, it’s kind of a challenge to me to think up more burlap projects.

Thanks for having me at the Blog Guidebook. I love this blog and I think it is a wonderful resource!


Jen's subway art tutorial


  1. What a wonderful interview! It has been so fun learning more about this fabulous blogger!

    I'm having a give-away, please stop by and enter!
    ~ Violet

  2. Thanks for featuring Jen and TT&J. I lurked at her blog for a long time before I started blogging. I love how welcoming and supportive she is of everyone. Great choice to feature her.

  3. So happy you featured TT&J, recently found her blog and have been enjoying it, fun to read her interview.

    Happy Friday!

  4. great interview. i agree with so much of what Jen said!


  5. Thanks for the bloggy love. It was such fun to come over for the day. I love the Blog Guidebook!



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