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Blog Guidebook News - What's in a Bee Name?

We at The Blog Guidebook love bees. You might even have noticed the sweet bee in our logo. We have decided our bee needs a name! Please leave a comment here with your suggestion for a name! We will pick 10 of our favorite suggestions and then run a poll in August. The winning name will christen our bee, and the blogger will win a prize. Prize details coming soon.

There are so many beautiful bee and flight products available on the are a few of our favorites:
(Click on the picture to link to the original location)
by Pigeon Prints

from Cosmic Firefly

by Crow Biz

Bee Happy pendant by Bodie Creek

Angels Wings by Cox & Cox

Original Oil by Roz Art
from Phenomena Jewelry


  1. Beeuty- Beeuty as a bee-- and you can play the music from Beauty and the Beast

  2. I love this bee he definitely looks like a Buzzle to me! Yippee, name him Buzzle the Bee

  3. Buzzcephus. He looks like he enjoys a little Hank Williams Jr.

  4. I think I like Polly (since she's a pollinator!)

  5. What about, Honey, Roly or Lily. The goodness they make and the flowers they grow.

  6. I love Beeatrice...or just Beatrice...sounds perfect to me!


  7. So many great names! How about BuzzBee?

  8. Queenie Bee. For all us Queen Bees.


  9. I am thinking Sebastian.
    Just fabulous, just like your blog,right?

  10. Thank you so much for featuring our Bee Happy necklace! :-)
    Love, Bodie Creek Handmade

  11. My suggestion is "Chip-bee".
    Chosen for 2 reasons. In British and Australian slang, a Carpenter bee is sometimes referred to as a "chippie". And carpenter bees are a lot like strong women & mothers in that they do not destroy wood, but are able to tunnel through very hard woods in order to lay their eggs and to raise their young!

  12. My mother also loves bees. This is because her name is "Deborah" which means: The Bee. I suggest "Debbee"!

  13. I suggest Harry .The prodects are all very nice. Laura Q

  14. I like

    1) Abeille, which is French for Bee.

    2) Belle Abeille, which is Lovely Bee.


  15. Beezus works for me : )
    Great idea for a contest !

  16. What about Asaph, which means collector. Bees collect pollen, and your blog guidebook is a sort of place where people can find a collection of different blogs.

  17. I thought about Beatrice, but another bolgger has suggested that. So, I suggest Bizzie. Or, Miss Bizzie.

  18. A good name for your site might be something with 'Beehive' in the name, since you will be a source for all the 'busy bees' to connect. I have two beehives ( and could sit forever watching the bees come and go! It is fascinating! What about 'Beehive Connect?' I will be thinking! Also, check out my 'busy as a bee' post at Good luck!

  19. I suggest:
    Honybee (yes- without the "e")
    I created an aol screename using this moniker years ago and I still use it in all of my usernames to this day!

  20. I love Bees as "B" is my last initial and they are so awesome for the garden. Ok.for names how about Herbee or Bea or Beecon since beacon can be a type of guide.

  21. I like Queen Blog-Bee. We are all rulers of our quaint little blog kingdoms!

  22. oh i like the Belle Abeille. that sounds lovely!


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