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  1. I really have enjoyed finding your blog - not only is it pretty but it is logical - clean and clear! -

  2. I have had a blog for one year.
    Thank God I found you!
    You have explained SO many things that I was confused about. It is concise (love that I can visually see what to do. Most Excellent!
    Great Job! I look forward to leaning more from you.

  3. I have blog envy! I am new to blogging and have found lots of interesting and inspiring stuff here. Thanks and keep it up!

  4. I just started blogging and still have no idea what I'm doing - this site is so beautiful, inspiring and helpful. Thank you for your guidance!

  5. I just joined the mailing list! I am excited to get new tips on blogging as I am really getting into it!

  6. Love, love this site. You have been sitting in my fav list for 3 months ... blogging is new to me and I want to be well written, informative, inspiring, humorous and followed. All that plus I want my blog to be aesthetically memorable - okay I want to have shadows ... Are you following me? So glad I stopped to smell the roses!

  7. I'm read to Blog,now wheres that mug of tea, while I read all this great info.
    Umm think I might be Blogging tommorow.

  8. So glad I found you. I will BEE using your blog for ways to make my blog Buzz better. Thanks


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