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Hoops to Jump Through to Qualify for Top Blog 2011

If you have been nominated for Top Blog 2011 there are a few things you'll need to know (the fine print?).
It's not all stand around and look pretty this will have to complete several tasks to remain in the running.

Here is a list of tasks you will need to comply with:
  1. Once nominated, you must send us an email and let us know that YOU know you were nominated.
  2. To be nominated your blog must have a combined total of 500 Followers (including Pinterest, Facebook, Networked Blogs and Google Friend Connect).
  3. Display the "nominated" button in your sidebar for the entire competition.
  4. Complete tasks as listed below:  a. Write a post about being nominated and link back to The Blog Guidebook  b. Get your friends and followers to vote for you by posting, emailing, Facebooking etc. c. Join Pinterest and pin our buttons and/or other images d. Be ready to jump through any other hoops we might come up with for nominees.
  5. In the end, if you are the winner, please post the winner's button on your blog until our 2012 competition.
  6. Be ready to get more pageviews, hits, emails and comments. 
  7. There may be some rivalry going on, so please maintain good blog etiquette for the duration.

If you cannot comply with these requirements, we will remove you from the competition. Thank you!


    1. I nominated someone else, will you all be notifying her that she needs to do these things, or do I do these things?

    2. Due to the awesome response...we've got tons of nominees...we cannot contact everyone individually at this time. Thanks!

    3. I am having issues adding a button...can you point me in the right direction?


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