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Let's Be Different Today

Shall we talk about being a bit different?
Don't we all feel like that...almost all the time?
Swimming against the current,
Like a salmon.

I've decided to start a new blog, about changing my lifestyle, about stepping outside of the box, about living in a much smaller home, about finding new adventures and teaching my kids in a more fulfilling way...and probably a lot of other stuff too.

I want to do something different!

There are so many blogs out there about HOW TO BLOG. This blog has been amazing, and I know I could have done much more with it, but life is happening just past this screen, and I don't want to miss it. This blog, The Blog Guidebook, will be here for a little while longer, I know some of you still use it as a reference - never fear.

Here are a few inspiring things to me:

Don't put off your personal interests, don't push a pause button on your is too short to ignore passions and interests and curiosity.

Don't put yourself on the backburner. If you want to find yourself - now is the time to do it.

Your life isn't an equation, give yourself permission to DANCE, SING, PLAY, TRAVEL, LEARN, and all the other things we are waiting to do when our children grow up.

Would you like to VOTE for the new blog name? Here are a few choices I already purchased, but haven't used yet (email me at sarah@blogguidebook with your vote):

From Small Things Mama (thank you Bruce Springsteen)

Small Things Mama (shortened version, easier to remember?)

Let Them Make

And in case you were a follower on my blog, I actually sold that domain name last month, but you can still get to that blog via blogert at

Thank you for reading today, I hope you'll tag along on my new adventures!!! I know some of these will include the following:
  • travel
  • tiny house remodel
  • backyard clubhouse build
  • my new (to me) Argosy camper
  • using T-Tapp to get in shape
  • eating gluten/wheat free and gf recipes
  • decorating my tiny house
  • homeschool ideas and new printables

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