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How To Take A Great Selfie

Hey, there! Lyndsay here. I don't pop up very often, but back in the olden days, Sarah and I started the Blog Guidebook together! 
I'm usually behind the scenes with design, but I have a few selfie tips for you today! 
First off, I do NOT look as bright eyed and bushy tailed as I do in my selfies. Stop by my house around noon and you'll see what I mean. ;) Here is what I do to get a stellar selfie:
1. Find a big bright window and stand in front of it. The light will make your pores and fine lines (ahem) look smaller, and erase dark circles and puffiness (double ahem).
2. Hold your phone just above your eye line. Not TOO high, or you get a triangle face. Not too low, or hello double chin.
3. Find your "smile." I can't full mouth smile in a selfie. Otherwise my nose grows and grows. I have a selfie half smile that makes my cheeks look rosy and my nose not overwhelm the frame.
4. Ramp up the color just a *bit* if you want to showcase makeup. Lighting will wash you out. So obviously I upped my blush and lipstick to show off this look.
5. In a selfie rut? Take a drive. Wonder why you always look amazing in a car selfie? It's the light coming in from all sides! Unbuckle your seatbelt, try to hide the carseat in the background, and SMILE (with your special selfie smile).
**Remember that smart phone optics are different than a regular camera. So you might look odd. So just keep trying if you aren't loving your selfies.

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