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New Things Available For Fall 2014

There are some fun, new things available on the web today...I was thrilled to see the Novagratz collection available at Walmart...their pillows are super cute and affordable.

Novegratz collection available at Walmart...this pillow is $15

I'm really excited about the new Kindle for's $149, comes with the Fire HD Kids Edition, a case, and one year of Amazon Free Time Unlimited! Super cool. After the year is up the prices for Free Time starts at $2.99, so that's not bad. 
My girls got Leap Pads for Christmas last year and it was so expensive to add games and/or books, that we just haven't done it. This seems like a super cool, "grown up" edition...includes: books, movies, games etc., with no ads!
I know you're not waiting for the new Downton Abbey season right? Nah....Yes! It's debuting here awfully soon dahling...where's my tea?? Check your local PBS channel for listings. (update: you can see DA in the UK now, but have to wait till January in the US...or you can click here to watch now:

Speaking of telly, I have a few new shows I've seen previewed that I want to dabble in, since Mad Men is off on the horizon and Parenthood is a week away...

Forever with Ioan Gruffudd - I always liked him as Horatio Hornblower (think Masterpiece Theater)

Selfie with Karen Gillian (she was on Doctor Who and I'm interested to see her without her accent)

Gracepoint with David Tennant (I have to watch this because I LOVE Tennant, but not sure I will like him as a fake American)

State of Affairs with Katherine Heigl ('cause I really liked her on Grey's Anatomy okay?)

What shows are you looking forward to? Here's a list I found on TV Guide.

Have you seen the new gel style nail polish from Sally Hansen? It's super cool. My daughter told me about it but I haven't seen many colors in stores until's a gel polish, but you don't need a light to dry it...we tested it and it goes on beautifully. You do need a top coat to make it last, but we think it's so pretty! {Please don't pay $15 a bottle...I've seen that price at local drugstores...check out online or Walmart/Target etc first.

Also debuting today is Matthew Mead's new Halloween blog banner...designed by moi...
Matthew has some fun new things planned, and you can find his new magazine at book sellers, including Target. If you stop by, let him know you're one of our readers...

And since I've been picking up a few design jobs here and there, I wanted to share with you my new design info page and business name. It's not that original, but wrens are my favorite little birds. Let me know what you think!

What else is new? What's happening in your part of the world?

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