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Summer Activities for This Blogger

Happy Summer dear readers! 

It has been hectic here and I apologize for not posting much at all...hopefully you have still found this site useful, with all the information stored throughout. If you have a question on anything at all, please don't hesitate to email me or leave a question below.

The past few months I have had to deal with another bout of frozen shoulder, enduring pain and lack of sleep. We have had lots of end of school activities, a kindergarten graduation, a high school graduation, parties etc., plus gearing up for summer time homeschool activities, grandma visiting and an enormous garage sale (I cleared over $400!). 

Things may quiet down a bit, but I have had several projects I've been working on (instead of blogging about blogging...I know, I'm naughty!). My latest endeavors include work on some custom blog designs for clients, creating a student/teacher identification card for my home school co-op, and opening a children's art & sewing studio. So as you can see my plate has gotten super full. I also have an opportunity to start catering again, but not sure if I can handle one more project...ha ha.

We are currently brainstorming about The Blog Guidebook and what it can do and how useful it can be in the future. This summer we will be posting blog lists about different subjects, which I know will be fun. What are some of your favorite blogs these days?  I love finding new and exciting bloggers!

We will also be opening up the Blog Critique queue in a few weeks, if you're interested in having your blog critiqued by two pro bloggers!

If you'd like to check out my new studio blog here's the link -

I hope you have an awesome summer and find joy in the little things!

Keep blogging,

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