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Another Way To Show Off Instagram On Your Blog

A brief overview and review of Statigram (using Instagram) at The Blog Guidebook 
Statigram is a bevy of fun stuff for those of us who love Instagram. You're going to really enjoy all the free features you get. Hope you get a chance to check out all their time-saving features

Get a super quick view of your Instagrams and any activity you got in one place.


Gives you quick access to all the latest "igrams" from those you are following. I like this feature because you can see many at once, especially if you don't have time to scroll through everything on your iPhone.


On this tab you get a great overview of your activity... (I'm a relatively new Instagram user, as you can see).

These cute snapshots of statistics are the perfect size to post on your account to share with friends and followers too. There are more stat options but I didn't want to bore you.


Check out the latest contests you can enter on Instagram and find out about having your own contest.


The Promote tab is my favorite...there are so many options of fun things to do with your photos...

Friends who don't have an iPhone can still follow your every move with this...

Feed Tab for Fan Page on Facebook - this is awesome if you want to just feed images to a fan page and not your private page.
Profile Cover lets you create a collage of your Instagram photos for a FB cover photo

Photo Gallery Widget gives you several options for creating a "view" of your Instagram photos, including just using a hashtag, which is fun in case you want to showcase a particular hashtag. Here's an example of the slideshow action! Love!

You also get your own RSS feed and follow buttons!

Statigram is also cool because they are headquartered in France (bonjour!) and have partnered with Hootsuite, Instagram and Instagramers.

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