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Design a Room in 2D with Olioboard

{This is a re-post from 2012...I double checked and Olioboard is still going strong! You may want to have a look and see what awesome space you can create this summer! The site is much bigger and has more to choose from's so much fun to window shop online! Just click on +Create to get started.}

Today on The Nate Show I heard about Olioboard - and it's amazing! When you create your mood board you can actually purchase the items that you are playing with! Now that was a smart move!

Some wow features include a Budget tells you how much you're spending. I choked a little when I saw that I'd spent $5000 already...but, it is only a dream (so far). There is also a text tool and a Color Scheme creator to check out paint colors for your walls...oh and the wallpaper and fabrics are gorgeous too. You're going to think this is better than Pinterest! (Shhh! I didn't say that!)
The site is easy to use, it is almost self-explanatory, clean and bright and inspiring!

The only downside I saw was that when you are choosing items they are very tiny...a pop up preview would be nice prior to adding to the Mood Board.

After you create your design, you can save it in your "olioboards" tab (save it to your newly created account), make it public if you want others to see it, or keep it private - your eyes only. Or, convert it to a .jpg file and save it your computer. You may create as many boards as you like and browse other public're going to be addicted in no time.

Don't forget you can add your own images too...take a picture of your blank room and add the furniture and decor items to it - all online!

It's so much fun to design a room and see it all laid out and pretty. I hope you love it as much as I do! Check out a room I created:

My Dream Office

Follow me on Olioboard

And here are a few of the professional type boards...I'm very jealous!

Thank you Mr. Berkus for enlightening us!

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