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Blogging Help at The Blog Guidebook

Many of our readers are brand new bloggers and may not know the history of our here's a short synopsis ~~

The Blog Guidebook started out as an idea to have a big-book online directory of blogs...if you wanted to find a blog about historical homes, the color pink, cupcakes, etc...just look under a category heading and find a blog you might have something in common with.

It has gradually morphed into a blog where a searcher might find help with blogging issues, read the latest news about the web, or get tips to writing great posts.

Now The Blog Guidebook is your place to learn about blogging, design tricks, industry secrets, and find answers to bloggy questions.

What else can you find here? Did you know:

1. We have an awesome list of FREE printables

2. We update the blog conference list constantly

3. We share new knowledge with our readers on Facebook daily

4. We share tutorials on PicMonkey, Instagram, Pinterest, Linky Tools, Google +, and other helpful sites

5. We have a FREE ebook for new bloggers that contains the basics about blogging

6. We will help a reader find an answer if we don't know it (we're not perfect!)

7. We have the ability to help a blogger with design questions

8. We work with Blogger (blogspot) blogs

9. We want our readers to be the best bloggers on the planet!

10. We have great things in store this year for the year ahead (ch-ch-ch-changes....)

If you have not yet listed your blog(s) for FREE in one or more of our categories, then you're missing out on a big part of who we are...a FAMILY of entity of smart women who can blog the heck out of anything! Add yourself today!

And you can still sign up for our RSS feed or our mailing list. We send out a newsletter with updates on what we're doing every month - check out our sidebar for details!

Got an idea for a new category? We love to add new categories. As soon as there are three requests for a new genre we will add it for you!


  1. Now... I am even more happy to have found you!

    *off to look at the list*

  2. Where do I find the ebook? Thanks!

    1. MaKaela - great question! In the sidebar just under our Pinterest gadget is a list of links (looks like a handwriting font), and it says "Study Guide". Click there and it will take you to the free download. Thanks for your interest! Hugs!

  3. I love your blog...after years of sitting on the sidelines, I have finally decided to jump in. I am a total newbie and your blog has become my go-to for all the how-to! I just added myself to the Guidebook (yay!) and now I am off to find out how to join a linky party-yikes! Thanks for the virtual hand holding!

    1. So awesome Kim! If you need ANYTHING just let us know and we'll point you in the right direction! Really!
      You can also download my FREE ebook that helps new bloggers get started on Blogger. Located in the sidebar under "study guide". Hope it helps!


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