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Bloggy Home Tour Part Two: Breakfast Room

Before: Brick wall, bad lighting, wall not yet knocked down, tile floors

Sorry it's taken so long to get back on the bloggy tour...ill health and the winter blahs are responsible! Luckily there may be hope for us yet! Spring may possibly raise her brilliant head this week and we'll all be inspired to start our seeds and throw open the windows...what do you think?

So, the above photo is partially of the kitchen and eat-in area the first day we owned our house. I've since painted all the cabinets (kitchen post coming soon) and removed the six foot long fluorescent light fixture. We also added pre-finished wood floors in birch. I don't recommend pre-finished, but it was a good choice for our first time. We avoided the chemical smell and drying times.

What I want you to focus on though is the eating area...the dark brick, the 70s curtains and the paneled wall to the left. Just a sick and sad space by anyone's standards!

Here's the AFTER (from Valentine's Day):

Click on the photos to enlarge if you like. We removed a wall, added wood floors, built-in bookcases and seat, painted brick and paneling, and added a cute hanging light from Ikea. I'll add another photo as soon as I tidy up again! I love that we added storage and display areas...they didn't really do a lot of that in the 70s did they?

What do you love about your home?

Next week: Kitchen


  1. that should be in a magazine, it's so adorable!

    1. Gee whiz! Thanks for the great compliment!!!! {grin!}

  2. So much better looking now! Absolutely adorable. I love the colour you painted the brick walls with.

  3. Adorable! I love the chandelier, where did you guys find it?


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