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Creative Space

Sundays are supposed to be for How-To and DIY posts. But when I sat down to brainstorm a project, I realized I was lacking something: Some creative space.

Lately I've been parked on the couch with my laptop purring away, as it acts as a space heater for my legs (not so bad in 20 degree weather, but it also has me worried enough to back everything up out of fear of a laptop meltdown). I am longing for the wide expanse of a creative counter. I want to look to my left and see my printer, scanner, file folders, magazine racks. I want to lean over to the right and reach my Pantone kits, index cards of quotes, and piles of inspirational tear sheets. I want a table to break out the Xacto knife and illustration pens. I need separate mood boards for all of my design and writing projects. I need some serious storage. I need my 3 year old to quit pulling the cord from my charging computer and trying to electrocute herself by chewing on it! (It actually delivers a small buzz when she puts it in her mouth—I TESTED it.)

Here is the current object of my inspirational affection. Modern, warm, bright:

What do you look for in a creative respite?

**Post edit: Does it make me a bad mom to say that I would subject my children to indefinite co-ed room sharing if it meant I had some creative space?


  1. One of the perks of older children is extra space when the chicks fly the coop. I've waited a long time, and I have to share it with the guest bed, but I finally have my space. But be careful what you wish for because the quiet is sometimes lonely...

  2. I don't think there's anything wrong with kids sharing a room. Some of us "older" folks grew up that way. That made me closer to the sister I shared with. Besides, your creative space is neater than a kids room would be. How is that possible? My whole house is neat BUT my scrapbook room!! That always seems to be a mess---at least while I'm working!

  3. My space has to be inspiring, warm and welcoming. It doesn't have to be clean but it does have to make me want to stick around and do something fun.

  4. I know how you feel only instead of a 3yr old it is my puppy trying to chew on the cord and pulling it out and then my kitty trying to climb right in the middle of my warm laptop for a snooze.

  5. I can see you worrying about co-ed rooming when your kids are *maybe* preteens, but for young kids, no.

    I know how you feel about space though. My husband & I live in a "two bedroom" apartment, and the second small "bedroom" is supposed to be my office space. But it soon became too small so we debated switching the office & bedroom for a while only to find the room is actually too small to fit a full size bed! Haha, so now I use the office as storage for inventory & supplies, & use the living room as an actual office, but we're hoping to move within a year.

    That space is gorgeous btw, it reminds me of when I first moved in my office, clean, organized & filled with Ikea furniture *sigh* But I've learned the most important thing in a creative space (at least for me) is STORAGE (loving all those library card drawers). When I get a bigger room I definitely plan on having the walls filled with shelves & racks & hooks. I have so much stuff without a place right now that it is hard to keep any part of the house clean. Guess that's just what you have to live with when you first start out.

    Hope you get your nice new space set up soon!



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