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How To Find The Post URL or Permalink in New Blogger

This is one thing that was really bothering me when the New Blogger interface was made mandatory...I missed that VIEW POST button that allowed me to view the post right away and I could grab the URL at the top.

Now we have to use a different part of our brain to get our post's URL...

When you are in the writing a new post part of the interior of your blog there is a list of items called Post settings.

Post setting items are integral to making your post individualized. You can add your Labels, schedule when it will publish, allow reader comments (or not), add line breaks, add key words in the Search Description, and get your post's URL from the Permalink button.

To grab your post's URL/Permalink code, click on the Permalink (chain link icon) and the code will pop up (or down), you can then copy it and paste it where you need it. You have to do this prior to clicking the Publish button or you will have to go back. Or you will have to search for the date of your post if you pre-date your posts like I do sometimes.

Hope this helps you navigate the murky waters of New Blogger!


  1. Thank you! I don't know why I haven't figured this out before, but your screenshot helped me.

  2. But where is it for the reader? That's the part I care about. I want to provide a URL to someone else's post.

    1. Never mind. I see it's an issue with my domain url that forwards to blogger. Ugh. I don't know how that's going to work.

  3. My button is up but the URL is wrong can I get this fixed please, it is #33 (Jody's Book Reviews) and the link should be on the one posted there is an s at the end of review and that is wrong. Can you please put this link in to fix this issue please?


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