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(Almost Free)eBook - What Do Your Pin Boards Say About You?

Are you still in love with Pinterest? Well, we've found a cute little e-book you might enjoy called Pin-terpretation - 16 Fun Ways To Find Out What Your Pin Boards Say About You by the Squee! girls Holly Gerth and Stephanie Bryant. Click the book image below to purchase this e-book for only 99 cents.

Here's what they are saying to describe their book:

"Your Pinterest boards are talking about you. Do you know what they’re saying?

Hundreds of images tumble across your screen. Food. Home d├ęcor. The latest movie star. You scan, click, pin. It all seems so random. But those boards you’re building? They might as well be billboards along the highway telling the world who you are. What messages are you really sending? What do those boards say about you?

The reasons behind the images we choose and the patterns we create aren’t usually obvious to us. We’re often too close to them to really understand what we’re doing.
Pin-terpretation will tell you how to take a step back and really see yourself. You’ll find out more about your personality, the brand you’re creating, even what you truly love.
After you read Pin-terpretation, you can keep on clicking just for fun or you can strategically use Pinterest as an effective branding tool. Your boards can be your favorite distraction or vision-builders for your next step to world domination.
Our goal is to help you see your Pinterest boards with fresh eyes—to provide questions as well as insights. Think of Pin-terpretation like a Cosmo quiz for your Pinterest boards."

If you're interested in "branding" your blog image, you may like to read more of Holly and Stephanie's blog or watch SqueeTV.


  1. Hi! I'm a little confused as to the title saying Free ebook, but the price being $0.99. Not that $0.99 is a lot by any means, just wanted to see if I am missing something. Thank y'all!

  2. I think it's funny how you asked if I'm still in love with Pinterest (because I know you were speaking directly to me). Yes, darling, our love is here to stay <3


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