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Farmhouse 38 Special - A Country Spotlight

Trapped in the city, longing for country life...we've recently met a blogger who is so well-rounded, well, we got a little Kate from Farmhouse 38 and her blog. What we heart most is the adorable aqua paint chipping off her sites' backgrounds, the Instagram-ish photos, and the love that is pouring from all the pores on this blogger's pretty face!

In her own words:

"On paper, I'm a freelance graphic and web designer, writer, and artist. At heart, I'm a farmer. Yep. Though born, raised, and currently confined in Los Angeles, I come from a long line of pretty countrified city stock. Ranches are in my blood, and I have long-pined for greener acres.
Then, why, you ask, am I still here? Why am I making do with my little patch of land in suburbia? It's all Jonathon's fault. My Texas-born and Texas-proud husband sold his Texas soul to Hollywood for a remarkable television editing career. I try to hold it against him, but it's pretty hard to do when you see how much he loves it. But, of course, you just cannot take the Texas out of the Texan; he shares my vision of a real, working farm, and someday we will make it happen. How and where is beyond me, but we will make it happen.
So for now, we are pretty proficient at make-believe. We found this sweet old house, with its farmy bones, renovated the daylights out of it, and have been trying to live the country life ever since. The Farmhouse38 blog ( follows us and our animals along on our adventures in home-remodeling, crafting, gardening, cooking, and trying to pretend we don't live in this darned old city."

Kate covers all the necessaries for farm life on her awesome tutorials:
Now check out some of the great photography on Kate's site!

Um...we're feeling some major jealousy about this adorable kitchen!

Readers can spend many a quiet morning online exploring Kate and hubby Jonathan's garden, visit with their adorable chickens and pups...or learn how to make a barmoire (bar out of an armoire)! Hey! We're going to do that sooner than later!
We heart chickens!
And we wish we had some stairs to paint - yes, please!

We hope you'll visit Kate and keep up with her farm in the city shenannigans!


  1. What an awesome feature- Thanks for sharing her talents and I am going to check out her blog!

  2. She has a wonderfully creative and artistic vision, but most of all is a truly fantastic person. Love her blog!


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